Saturday, January 19, 2019

Various sectors have to share in reducing infectious diseases in the Tanzania

All sectors in the country should be involved in controlling infectious diseases to help the community avoid the serious consequences of emerging and reduce the cost of treatment.

These have been said by health stakeholders engaging in infectious diseases at the 2015/2020 Strategic Implementation Review Session Plan for the prevention of infectious diseases and giving direction on what should be done right now and later in the Office of the Presidential Administration of the Regions and Local Government, City Dodoma

Giving the topic of what should be done to reduce infectious diseases said the Government is responsible for ensuring health services are enhanced by building basic infrastructure, making rapid diagnosis and periodic treatment for the community to control these diseases.

Explaining more Dr Dodoma Regional Physician Dr. James Kiolowe said there is a need to engage in various sectors in addressing the various challenges leading to infectious diseases in the country so that everyone can play a role in protecting the health of the community in the country.

"At the time, the Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, as their policy makers, has been involved in integrating other ministries as Agriculture, Land, Environment, to ensure that they are involved in addressing the challenges of health care and reducing infectious diseases in the country."

When Huohuo Dr. A Traveler Referred from the Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children has requested a community to be fully involved in the effects of infectious diseases in the country to reduce the deaths of young people and children who have become increasingly vulnerable to the disease.

"At the time the community is fully integrated into ensuring that they control diseases in order to reduce the mortality rate of society. since breathing is better than cure "Explains Preliminary

According to the Tanzania Diabetes Secretary Prof.Kaushik Ramaiya, that there is a need for community education on the effects of infectious diseases, this will help reduce the deaths and cost of community treatment.

"Citizens have been spending huge amounts in the search for infectious diseases while education is the basis for protecting them from the disease The community model uses a very costly treatment to treat a diabetes patient than to prevent the disease." Explains Professor Kaushik

In addition the President of the Association of Dentist Tanzania Dr. Mwakatobe said the community needs to ensure that they follow the intake of proper foods to reduce infectious diseases such as diabetes and cancer.



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