10 Things That Will Change Your Home / House

Home Definition is ‘a place where a person lives’.  Exactly, at home is more than that. For example, many people think that the home is where they started to grow because of the memory of the house. However, as we move to a house or apartment, how do we change it to give it a status?. Home decorations can help.

Yes, there are furniture and other decorations that will change your home or apartment to your favorite place and where you want to create new records.

 1. Art you like

Do you have an empty wall?  Sweep and art to boil your home at once.  However, instead of buying art at an affordable price, buy an art with you (it might be for your favorite color, for example). Instead of placing the "Tingatinga painting of animals", look for a picture showing something that is important to you.

 Also, do not buy only paintings.  Photos, toys and even fabrics can be put on the frame and decorated on the wall.

2. Paint the wall

 If you own a house you live in or have planned and the landlord will allow, cats on the wall.  The colors should be attractive to you like a heavy, thick orange and brauni color or whatever it will make you feel good.

 However, since purple is the best color for you it does not mean that it will be the best color to put on the wall.  Make a first color test on a small part of the wall and get feedback from your nearest people.  This will help you to avoid making your house look strange because you have painted bad colors.

 Also remember that you are likely to move to another and you will have to persuade someone to buy or rent your home.  You can drive out other immigrants by having a strange-looking wall.

 3. Library

 Although many people use bookstores to store books, you can also put them in place that will give people a better understanding of you

 For you are not a reader or you don't have many books, you can decorate your cabinets with pictures and photographs, small gifts and memory memory you have collected.

4. Plants

Fortunately, Tanzania has many suppliers of plants, which are on the road.  They sell plants and flowers together, and they will bring home a great boost.

 5. Related instruments

One of the most enjoyable things with your home is to be able to invite visitors to the home.  With beautiful jewelry to get visitors you will help you feel confident when you invite guests to your home.

6. Mattress

One third of our lives are used in bed, so it is important for a maternal home.  Also, if your mattress is very good you want from bed!

Adding the excitement to the bed, buy the best style of your style.  Also, make sure you have wells and streams that will make you smile while you are asleep.

7. Sofa that brings comfort

Often, people think that they have to buy a lot of money to move to a place.  Now, you will spend a lot of money on things you don't need and you won't need, doing this.  Except, a beautiful and beautiful glove will be used again and again.

The part you can watch TV and relax after a long day will make you want to leave home!  So, you need more furniture but the coin is a must.

 8.  Enough Light

For one reason or another, people don't pay attention to the light that enters their home and this light contributes to the feeling of your home.

Just think.  When you open the curtains of the sun when it is sunny, your room and room are more bright than fitted with light and light.

Yes, Tanzania is blessed with the sun, you cannot rely on its light to have huge windows.  Therefore, make sure you get better lighting and bulbs (we recommend LED bulbs).  Also, consider having lights that allow you to reduce their light depending on your home light.  This type of lighting will also help if you want to create a romantic environment for a specific visitor.

9. Photos

Put family and friendly feelings, as well as show them in different ways to decorate homes and family photographs, other memory of life.

10. Home Store

Where are your clothes, books, and equipment stored?  If you have a special place to store various items will help you have a clean and organized home.

For example, it does not mean to have a clean painting in the room but to look more closely at someone is forced to wash clothes and insulated.

Therefore, although home decoration is important, consider homework.  It will make you live more comfortably.

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