Tuesday, April 30, 2019

100+ Names call At work Utumishi Wa Umma ( Sekretarieti Ya Ajira) | Released Today 30th April 2019

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Employment Secretariat in Public Service wishes to inform the applicants various positions held on 13–22 March, 2019 and 09 April, 2019 that the results of job applicants who passed the same interview are as listed in this ad.

The list of these names also includes some of the intermediaries Kanzidata (Data base) for various cadres who have been assigned work stations
after space available.

Applicants who succeeded in the interviews are required to take a letter of appointment works in the Office of the Secretariat in the Public Service
Kivukoni Road, Service Building, Open Directory in seven days from the date of this ad and after that letters are not taken characters will be sent through their postal address.

In addition, job applicants who have successfully passed the interview and are assigned to the work center are required to report to the Employer at the time specified in the station's letter work with authentic certificates (Originals Certificates) lessons from Form Four and continue to be reviewed by the employer before being given the Employment Letter.

For those whose names are not in this advertisement they should realize that they have not found The position / did not pass the test, so they do not hesitate to apply for other work opportunities  when it is announced.