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Employing the well-functioning staff means recognizing their contribution to the company.  Your staff will enjoy comments on whether they have done well or not, so they can improve their performance.  Identifying your employee's contribution can be made with a sign or a simple statement.  If you show your workforce you recognize his contribution, then it is a simple but effective way to make your employees honest and active.  Research shows that organizations that Speak "Ahsante" or thanks often do their work better than those who do not appreciate their employees.

Studies also show that, in order to improve organizational performance and encourage your staff, you need to do the following;

  •  Promoting confidence among your employees that these gifts you will give to employees are linked to organizational success.  For example, the good performance of the employee in good relationships with customers, personal ability to solve important challenges or the ability to help a colleague.  
  • Provide clear communication on good performance for all members of the team
  • To create an easy way for your employees to contribute directly to the organization's performance. 
  • Create opportunities for each employee to learn how to contribute to the organization's success and how to measure their performance.

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