Tuesday, April 2, 2019

4000 girls benefit from Nutrition project in Lindi

A total of 4000 thousand girls from Lindi Municipal Council and Nachingwea in Lindi District are expected to be reached with a nutrition program for girls (GIRLS POWERD NUTRITION) run by the World Association of girls guide and girl scouts.

These have been said by the Project Manager, David Mbimila during the opening of the training to build the capacity of the Project Management Leader of the Lindi Municipality, where he said that the Nutrition Project for women on earth is being conducted in the country's experiments. five including Tanzania, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Madagascar “In Tanzania This project is being implemented in six regions including Dar-es-salaam Region, Tanga, Arusha, Lindi, Dodoma and Mara Region where the Lindi Region will start with Lindi Municipal Council and Nachingwea District where Our expectation is to reach four thousand girls until 2020, ”said Mbimila

In addition, Mbimila has identified the objectives of the Program to provide nutrition education to female children so that they can eat well, grow well, increase the work of the nation, adding that the other goal is to want to put the Government on Food for Children in regular meetings and meetings. For his part, the Girls Guide Commission of Lindi, Grecy Chipanda said that among the 4000 girls who will benefit from the project 2700 girls will come from Lindi Municipal Council with 1500 from Nachingwea District. And the Girls Guide Chairman of Lindi, retired teacher, Zuhura Mohamedi said that after the Lishe project for experimental girls ended in 2020 her expectations are to see girls are actively participating in their studies without attending school.

Initially opening this four-day workshop, the Regional Secretary of Lindi, Dr. Good Haule said that if the region is encouraged to see their Region is one of the six regions that are implementing the project, explaining that the project will support the efforts made by the region to increase the performance of female children in line with the termination of teenage pregnancies through the campaign “TUMSAIDIE AKUE, ASOME, MIMBA BAADAE"



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