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Every human being has thirsty for success in everything he does.  Success is the highest mountain of life that is built on the foundations and levels of exams that you should cross for that break.

Unfortunately, when you say ‘success’ many think about ’wealth’.  But the fact is that there is a difference between being rich and prosperous.  You can be rich but you are still unsuccessful.  Since people think that wealth is the key to success, they find themselves engaging in extraordinary activities for the purpose of self-sacrifice but ultimately they find that they have not succeeded although the community feels successful.

As I believe, success is to achieve your goals efficiently and on time, but this success has given you peace of mind. Otherwise, you will be able to succeed in a financial cluster while creating a more serious problem of stress and heart failure.  Thus, the success of the shortcut is successful fake comes with many more difficult problems.

 With that long introduction, I believe you will understand me better and pass on these ’secrets of real success in life.

1. Trust yourself

 True success starts with you.  Thus, confidence is a good foundation to make you realize your ability to do something.  Believe the ability to do that is in your hands.  Do not brag, examine yourself for the best you can do, reject the spirit of self-denial.

 2. Turbulence

 This word is also the second foundation of success.  The fear of downturn is a major obstacle that brings many back and find them even starting a successful journey cannot.  Any good and big thing is hard to do and it's easy to feel impossible.  Don't accept failure without trying.  Sincerely and put all your strength and intelligence into the same.  However, in this assertion, you should measure well to take ‘calculated risk’ and not ‘just risk’.

3. Plan and perform in practice

 Remember, if you fail to make sure you plan to fail.  Have measurable and implementable programs.  You should not only have big plans that even its implementation is impossible.  When you plan where you will find resources and how to develop, but also your plan will give you the ability to evaluate and assess the end of the task.  However, plans will not be meaningful if you do not implement them effectively.  If you fail to execute your plan, go back to see what you did to modify and not delete the entire program without basic reasons.

4. Create a network and contact

The network is like a bridge or access to the success.  Make sure you do not lock yourself in your world alone.  Make sure you meet each other and get a chance to know if someone can be part of a better grade in one way or another, becoming part of your network.

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But having a network of people alone is not enough if you don't contact them.  Contacting the network is to make you ‘active is so it doesn't look like you're looking for when you're just having trouble.  In addition, you should take a look at how many people know you more than how many people you know.  For example, you know the Company Director ‘A’, ask yourself, does he know you?  If he doesn't know then he is not part of your network.

 But also, see your daily contacts, how many you talked to them about the business idea or work.

 5. Be faithful and truthful

This is the greatest secret of all, even though I put it at the end of these five.  If you're not honest and truthful when you see your things go well you should be shocked early.  You are like a person crossing the second side and breaking the bridge.  At the end of the day you will find yourself falling before you arrive at your destination.
Honesty will strengthen your network to a higher level and you will be searched for that you will be part of the success of other people.  For example, see the numbers you have on your mobile phone.  If you want to phone a taxi driver at night or even the normal time you will use what criteria?  Of course honesty and truth will go ahead.

Being honest and honest with everyone who will make you work, business or even when you do normal social activities gives you the opportunity to be the first choice for people when they need services, products or resources you have.

If you follow these five truths as you remember your God for everything you will succeed in the truth and remain in peace of heart.

Believe in what you believe and do research to satisfy yourself before you accept the instant gratification so that you have enough reasons to refuse or accept anything.

I will give you another five secrets at another time to complete the 10 sec secret between most of the most successful secrets.

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