6 Important Things to Do Before Retirement Your Job

Retirement is a new season that every employee should know and prepare for that season. It has been witnessed to people living a life of misery and great anxiety after retirement.  This is due to unprepared pre-retirement. By recognizing the importance of good preparation before retirement;  almost aware 6 important things to do before retirement.

1. Prepare psychological

Retirement is a very different period and time you were in employment.  This session will encounter a new style with a new one. It is important to prepare psychology for issues such as staying without salary, office, company car or institution, institutional institution or company as well as other employee benefits.

Prepare your thoughts to realize that when you have achieved different things from your work you have now reached the end.

 2. Start make savings

If your job was your dependent as your source of income, then reflect on life without the job.  Make sure you keep enough savings that will enable you to use your various expenses after retirement. You can save money or items that can be converted into money such as land, livestock or buildings.

3. Pay all debts

Remember after retirement your income level decreases;  so it is important to repay debts before retirement so that you do not become overwhelmed by debt during retirement.

If you have a loan or a personal debt, then make sure you make the top down to refund before retirement.

4. Remove unnecessary use

 As I mentioned earlier in the previous arguments, after retirement your income level will decrease. So it is important to review your use.  Make sure all use that is unnecessary or unnecessary. You can consider these:-

  • Avoid large purchases.  If you plan to buy items such as a car, a house or a compound to retire, reflect on the issue. 
  • There are no unnecessary services.  If you have children who are still studying or brothers who rely on you, then set appropriate strategies to care for them 

5.  Find another source of money

Since you were dependent on your work as your source of income, it is very important to find another source of income.  Do not wait until your retirement will have another source but start searching for the source before you retire.

I have witnessed many people starting a business after retirement but many end up bankruptcy due to lack of experience.  It is important to start early to develop your experience.

6. Join the health insurance

Once retirement will require health care especially due to various pension problems.  Once you have joined the health insurance you will be able to get treatment easily and costly.

You can also link your family members so that they do not put you in a high burden of medical expenses.  By doing this you will reduce the cost of treatment immediately after retirement.

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