Friday, April 26, 2019

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Play Guessing Games

Due to the difficult economic conditions or the challenges of life, many people are caught up with a lot of things, especially those that are about getting quick money.

 When I did a little research I realized that “quick-earning methods” as well as “ways of getting rich quickly” are one of the most sought after people on the Internet.  This demonstrates a great need for people to get money, again for a short time.

Thus, this has led many people to be abducted by lottery games, thinking that it could bring them out of trouble or their financial needs.

It does not matter whether you play or play gaming, almost seven reasons why you don't have to play gaming.

1. It is a business

 No one will come from China, India or the United States to come to Africa to distribute free millions through gaming to get out of poverty. Gaming companies generate bigger and bigger benefits that are hidden behind the prizes they give to the winners of the games. For example, 100,000 people playing one game for only 20,000 shillings are equivalent to Tshs. 2,000,000,000;  let's ask yourself in 2 billion how will they give a gift of 50 million even 5 times? I believe you have seen a great advantage in this business that deceives people as a way to get them out of poverty.

Keep in mind that today the various businesses are hiding in a legally recognized hat and paying taxes.  There are countries that educate drug trafficking and weapons for a legally recognized legal and paying tax.  So being the eyes and games of these companies as it is a trick business to give people their money.

2. There are no comprehensive systems

These games have no clear and understandable systems, they tell you a lot of times to win but they don't say how many times and why they win even a few times. These games are run by a computing system known as probability;  so anyone can win or fail. For this reason it is better to invest your money on something more productive than to put them in the uncertain lottery.

 I've investigated and found it even better to spot betting because what you consider is predicting the results correctly and you win.

3. It affects psychologically

Gaming games are designed in such a way that they deceive and capture those who play those games.  So they make them fail to stop or give up after they start playing even if they do not win.
For example these games make you win a small amount of money after some time to believe that you will win as much as you continue to play.  But this is the only way to draw it because you will find yourself playing sh.  50,000 but you have won sh.  5,000 alone;  don't you see it stolen?

4. It is a waste of money and time

There are many things and many projects that you can invest in your time and money and earn yourself.  Why do you play shillings on the toilet hole (gaming)?

It is better to invest your money or even buy something that will benefit your life.  You can invest your money on the project or buy items such as furniture and home appliances, books or even to help those who need time and money.

5. It is not a sure financial solution

Many people think that a lot of money or money is suddenly a solution to their problems.  Let me ask you a question, did you ever see people who were millionaires but today they even pray for daylight?  They had shops, cars, houses but today they had nothing, where did they go?

Money should meet the ideas and strategies, if you get a lot of money today if you don't have the right thinking will not help you.

 Since gaming money comes suddenly without preparing and sweating too much, many people who earn these money misuse and end up on their poverty.

 It is therefore a mistake to rely on gaming as a source or your financial solution.

6. It causes stress

Imagine you played for your money on a regular basis but they are winning others, will this give you pleasure?  I believe it will make you happy and give you stress.

Due to these unpredictable games and not being able to identify who will win it is difficult to understand the money you have put in if you get it or you will lose it.

7. It does not make you achieve goals

If you find people playing gaming you will see them and hear them saying I will go out one day to win this game. These people do not work productively but they sit and wait to win several million to realize their dreams.

At last they find themselves unable to achieve their goals and goals and end up always poor.  It is important to work hard to achieve your goals because no one will come to meet your goals.