Tuesday, April 23, 2019

7 Requirements to Help Success in a Job interview through Phone

Employment interviews online are becoming more common.  This is because these methods enable the employer to work on the job easily and costly.  Like other interviews, telephone is one way that the employer tries to answer the question, “Is this the right person for my company?”.  Recruitment officer are the key points to follow during the interview via phone  so you can impress your prospective employer by showing him that you are the right person for the job advertised.

The best description of the interview is important.  Stability and sound quality are more important in telephone interviews.  What you say and how you say it will be carefully examined and questioned.  Remember to speak aloud and easily understood.  Describe yourself in a very brief and concise manner, especially if the phone is on the Internet.  Make sure you sit in the right position during the interview, and the flow of the conversation is understandable.

Interviews To Be Professional

It is wrong to think that an interview by phone is not an official interview.  Avoid using street names or inappropriate names as your Skype name.  Here you meet your employer for the first time, so it's best to use your real name.  Also use the official image for your Skype or WhatsApp profile to give your employer a good image.  For Skype or WhatsApp phones that include video, put on a professional dress as you would wear in an interview for children.

 A strong network is important for your interview to go smoothly.  Review and test your devices.  This is to review audio quality and video on Skype.  Nothing comes from the Skype interview as a cut-out network.  Test your computer and microphone to verify that your voice will be heard properly.  If you connect a microphone or an external camera, then connect it and plan it ahead of the interview.

 When the recruitment officer is in contact with you to arrange an interview time, give the time you will be free so that you can do a thorough interview.  Find a quiet location to direct all your attention to the interview.  If you sit in a noisy place, then the recruitment officer may think that it does not require a job advertised.  Make sure the place you have has enough light.  Make sure the light appears in front of you, so that your shape will look good.  And finally wash and scan the environment that will be visible during Skype phone.

Ensure Full Participation In Interviews

Do not be afraid to develop interviews with questions or answers related to advertised jobs.  Avoid interactions, make sure you have closed all other apps on your computer.  This will help your network be strong during the interview via Skype.  Show your enthusiasm and enthusiasm for finding this interview.  Do not be afraid to show your skills that relate to the work.  Avoid asking questions about salaries or other benefits you will get in the job.  Phone / Skype interview is for evaluation if it is suitable for the advertised position.  Take care of a recruitment officer who makes interviews as an audience, make sure you impress him accordingly.

Learn cultures, values ​​and products or services you apply for.  It is very important to do research about the company you want to apply for work so that during the interview you can convince them that you should fill the advertised space.  Applicants who have not done their research may seem to be unfit to fill the advertised position.  It is easy to acquire your skills if you have done your research and you know the company well.

After the interview ends, contact the employer officer.  But make sure your monitoring is not offensive, eg use social networks like LinkedIn.  Only email is sufficient.  Avoid surveillance using Skype, except where the hiring officer has directed you to do so!

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