Thursday, April 25, 2019

7 Tips To Start a Business with a Small Capital In Tanzania

Many people have been willing to start a business but they think how to start because their capital is very small.

 Do not be afraid;  having little or no capital is not your end to fulfill your goals.

 “Don't cry for what you don't have;  use what you have. ” Reginald Mengi

There are various methods that can help you do business even if you have limited capital.  Please follow up the discussion discussed below for further comment.

 1. Be creative

One of the most important things that will help you to start a business with small capital is creative.  Through innovation you will be able to win the business and products in the market more easily.  You can do the following:

  • Choose a business idea you like and can make it better.  This will help you to cope better with the problem. 
  • Check the problem or the current requirement and sort it for your product or service.  you can set a price that is a little different from products or services already in the market to attract customers.

By doing the things described above you will be able to develop your business and capital for a short time.

 2. Start with what you know

When you have a small capital you need to involve a lot of foreign or very dependent people because you do not have money to travel to them.

For example if you start a tailoring business then start making clothes that you can use with the materials you have;  in this way you will build your capital and then you will be able to hire others who will be able to make more other forms. When you do what you know the cost is not very big because it is something you can afford yourself.

3. Tell the people what you are doing

Also inform people what you are doing because this will help you find customers and get to know.  When people know what you are doing, they will want to know more about you;  this will allow you to find customers and increase your capital. Don't be afraid to explain that you are doing a vegetable business, food, a small shop.  You don't know who you tell him will be in your business. If you have friends on social networks also tell about what you are doing.

 4. Avoid unnecessary costs

Since you still have a small capital, try to avoid unnecessary gloves such as prestigious offices, expensive advertising etc. Have a good use of money especially for basic things.  Many people have failed in the business because they have started trading with the consumption of consumption instead of excellent innovative services.

 5. Work hard

You never see success if you don't work hard.  Remember you are an entrepreneur who starts so you must work hard to realize that you are there too. Spend time well, and make sure you provide the best quality service at a price that customers will be able to afford.  Give yourself a short period of time to set up your business as even the growing season in farming is a problem.

6. Use resources and opportunities available

Another way to start a business with a limited capital is to use the available opportunities.  Remember that you cannot create opportunities if you cannot use the available opportunities.

Use opportunities such as social networks like Facebook, Instagram and others to advertise.  You can also use the weaknesses in your other predecessors as opportunities as you can adjust the weaknesses through your business.

There are also affordable credit opportunities that will allow you to increase your capital.  Remember you need to use the loan carefully as you will need to return it with interest again on time.

 7. Care customers

Caring is sharing. Thus Caring for customers in business is a very important thing if you want to see positive results.  I always want to say “customers are tamed”.  How do you buy?  It tends to good service. Respect your customers also make sure you fulfill and complete their need for high quality.  Remember always the customer comes first before the money;  so do not foresee money before good customer service. If you do this work you will be able to develop your business and your short-term capital.



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