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Employing your employees should not be a comfortable or expensive event.  If the company is in a difficult financial time, it is not a reason to stop identifying your employees.  You need to find a way to identify and reward your employees for the best they did.  These are ways to congralute them:-

1. Establish a ‘Wall of Great People’

Create a Wall of Fame that will include quotations or photos of customers when they congratulate your staff.  You can also post items like charts and good performance for the month, or congratulations to employees to a certain employee.  You can use the image of the new employee as well as information on what he did to be praised.

2. Get Out Together With Them

Another strategy is from a qualified employee for lunch and use this time to learn more about their lives.  Make sure you talk about work-related topics and instead talk about their interests and attractions outside the work.

 3. Provide Successful Documents

 You can also hand over your worker to thank him for some achievement.  This suggests that your employee has played an important step in the work.  For example, you can give your employee a successful document to achieve the specific purpose of the company's sales or success of personal development.

4. Give them extra hours

Select also to identify an employee who works well by giving them priority and benefits such as getting to work after work time / early departure at work, or a long lunch break.  You can also choose to allow a qualified employee to work at home during the most important events of their lives such as the school restoring school, the day of celebrating their marriage and others.

5. Join with them to celebrate their important days

Another way to identify and reward your employees is by joining them to celebrate their birthdays, births, weddings, graduates and others.  Collecting your team together for a cake and mixing them will make your employees feel loved and valued.

6. Thank the Family of Your Employee

Additionally, you can also invite the family of your employee to participate in the company.  Use this opportunity to talk to them about how much you appreciate their brother's contribution.  You can also send cards and letters to your employee's family, tell them why their loved one is important for the company's growth.

7. Invite them to the Session

 When your employee is doing something interesting, don't hesitate to take just one minute and thank him in front of his colleagues for his or her drawings.  Let other workers gather together and use this spell to thank the other staff and mention the specific reasons why you congratulate him.

The reason for your staff is to motivate them and give them the basic reasons for improving their performance.  So, sometimes when they do something good, take your time and realize their contribution.  This will make them feel appreciated.  Tell us your ideas on this in the comments section below.

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