A car is a device or tool that facilitates transport, but it should be used with great caution.  Accidents caused by automobile fires, several times have resulted in significant losses or even costly lives. Certainly this is not good, so every driver or user of the vehicle is important to take precautions to deal with this problem.

Car combustion can be caused by various factors, follow this article closely so that you can understand 9 things that cause the vehicle to burn and how to avoid it.

 1. Leak oil

 If the car breaks oil is very easy to ignite.  Remember the car oil and oil oil is very easy to keep fire. Various accident studies have found that oil leaks are a major source of fire-burning vehicles. It is important to make sure you keep track of the maintenance and regular inspection of your vehicle in order to determine if there is an oil leak.

2. Electric problem.

The car has its own electrical system that must be safe and work accordingly.  When the electrical system has an error, you can cause hot sparks and cause a fire to burn. It is important to make sure you are looking for a specialist of cars to fix and fix your electrical system regularly.  It is also important to use the best car system of the car system, as the material may cause fire.

 3. Naked flame

 As the open fire is dangerous in the home, so does it in the car.  Burning items such as smoking in the car can cause a fire accident. It is important to avoid the use of cigarettes or to carry flammable substances in a vehicle.

4. Car get too hot.

The car should not be too hot.  If the parts of the vehicle will get too hot it can melt or burn. It is recommended to make sure the car system is in good condition.  It is also important to keep a regular watch during a long journey.

5. Accident

The friction can cause fire.  When a car collides with another car or hit another thing, it can produce a spark that will cause the car to get hot. So it is advisable to adhere to traffic regulations to avoid accidents.

6. structural error

There are times when the structural problems of the car can cause a fire burning.  However, due to structural problems related to the developers, the structural problem is being addressed immediately by developers. It is important to buy a car from trusted and experienced developers to avoid structural errors.

7. Poor maintenance

As you have already seen in the previous arguments, it is very important to consider the question of maintenance.  Car systems generally require proper and timely maintenance.  For example, if you concentrate on maintenance of the wheels, it can burst or burn.  It is also important to ensure that oil oil is available at the required level to avoid fire-resistant steam.

 8. Additional equipment

Many people like to add different materials to their different cars as well as those that came from the factory with the car.  These features may be lights, radio, protection systems, n.k.  These addictive devices have no quality and are not bound by professionals.

So the most commonly used automotive equipment can cause the vehicle to burn.  It is important to ensure the quality of the device as well as ensuring proper and secure closure.