Wednesday, April 17, 2019

8 Tips To Employ Good Staff In Your Company

One major challenge that slows the commercialization is the lack of human resources and expertise. In short, companies have difficulty finding good workers. Although Tanzania's education system has taught many pupils, it is not important to think and analyze - qualities that are not important to employers. Your business cannot change the education system in Tanzania, but you can take different steps in the recruitment process to have a better chance of getting the best workers. The 8 steps to ensure that you will have the best staff are:

1. Consider what kind of person is needed

Before you write a job description, spend some time thinking about the worker you are working with. In addition to the skills needed to fill this position, what other qualities and skills will be important to the company and to him? What kind of person are we looking for?

For example, this job opportunity requires someone who is motivated, who thinks about how to develop your business and do the necessary tasks and lead your colleagues? Or are you looking for a specialist who can follow the instructions on the site?

With it, don't forget to consider these too:

Should the employee have a desire to be promoted and have more responsibilities?

If the job advertised shows a way to be promoted, then workers who want to develop themselves and are willing to work to succeed, are important. But if the job does not reflect the position of promotion then the employee who is eligible for the job should not be the person who wants to be promoted because he will be quick to improve.

What qualities should your employee have?

Feeling comfortable in the office contributes to the satisfaction of employees. It is therefore important to understand the culture of the company.

Also, it is important to find a person with personal characteristics (personality) that corresponds to the position of advertised work. For example, the sale work should not go to someone who is ashamed or very aggressive.

2. Write a description of good work

Once you understand and what type of worker you need, you will be ready to write a job description.

Typically, job description refers to the needs of work, education and years of work experience. By simply talking about this, an employer may lack a good or unemployed staff (in the industry) that you need.

For example, a person who has learned Graphics will not have a degree but will show that he is committed to so much, he has gained experience as well. In a changing world every day, employers here in Tanzania have to realize that since a person with a degree is the one who deserves more work than someone else.

Also, this is a disgraceful proclamation for the unemployed people to apply for work opportunities that they can afford. They do not waste time asking for work if they know they can't get it or do not have the required qualities.

Therefore, if you are writing a job description, try to use words that will welcome people who have developed education and people with outdoor education. One way to do this is to say ‘The experience and _________ is recommended but not necessarily, if you can show that _________. This will help the job seekers to expect the job requirements. This will attract those who are looking for such work

3. Testing skills

In Tanzania, employers receive more than 100 applications for one job! This increases the difficulty in identifying good workers.

The solution for this is to give all the trainers the exams on the necessary skills and afterwards, looking at CV and requesting the work of those who have worked on the test.

The best tool for this is the AMCAT exams. AMCAT has exams:
Ability to speak and write English, and ask them to communicate.

4. Advertise in different locations

In addition to advertising on the company's website and on your social networks, also use: Tanzanians, and other websites that work on the internet.

5. Conduct a women's audit

The deception of applicants is not surprising. And here in Tanzania, employers are not doing staff audits and, therefore, help these fraudsters to be detected. Therefore, before calling for a candidate on the interview, do an inspection based on: The history of the crimeWeb of the social networkWeb of the past

6. Ask the most common questions

Review this list of commonly asked questions in the interview to find out what questions you should ask.

7. Make interviews with colleagues

There is a great possibility that your new employee will work with a group of people within that company. Therefore, involve those who will work with him in the interview.

They may have specific questions related to how or what the employee likes to work, his / her personality and other things that you probably do not think about. Also, they will be able to feel better if they can work together. It is important to ensure that your new employee is able to work on this and to comply with company values.

8. Show them that you care

If you decide what kind of worker you want, it is your job to persuade them to accept the position. So make sure:

You pay them well (based on their knowledge, experience and work responsibilities).

Your employees will build your business

Swahili says, “The vessel does not go if everyone is rowing it.” Any business, regardless of the quality of the product or service it offers, cannot succeed without the best workers.

It is therefore important that you employ the best employees in your budget so that your business is more successful.