Benefits For Human Being To Be Bite by Bees

Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS), stated that human beings are caught by bees are getting many benefits including helping to remove toxins from the body.

These have been said today by the Beekeeping Officer from TFS, Rueben Nyambita, while speaking to Minaki Secondary School students, Kisarawe district and Pugu Secondary School in Dar es Salaam.

TFS has spoken to the students with the aim of providing students with knowledge of forest management, its benefits and beekeeping in various forests in the country.

Even if a person is bitten by three or ten bees, they will still help to remove the toxins and if the victim is more resistant than usual, the body will have a lot of toxins, so when the bees are poisonous, it causes allergies,” said Nyambita.

“If a person is bitten by so many bees at one time then it is easy to get hurt because the bees' poisoning will be too much in the body, but a few bees are harmless, students and citizens should not be afraid of being bitten by bees.

On the other hand, Nyambita has said that there are bee honey that is well known for feeding the queen of bees and the milk that a person uses increases the intellect.

"Bee's milk contains a lot of protein and for the one who uses it has a lot of intelligence and if it is a student he will be doing well on the lessons by holding high positions," said Nyambira.

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