Monday, April 29, 2019

CMD Commands for Computer Networks |

The following are CMD Commands for Computer Networks:-
  • ipconfig / all Displays connection configuration information, for example Host Name, Primary DNS Type, LAN Ethernet Adapter.
  •  ipconfig / flushdns Removes DNS cache
  •  ipconfig / release "Erases" all IP Address connections.
  •  ipconfig / renew Creates a new IP Address for certain adapters.
  •  ipconfig / displaydns Displays DNS cache.
  •  ipconfig / registerdns Refreshes DNS and registers DNS connections again.
  •  ipconfig / showclassid Displays DHCP Class information.
  •  ipconfig / setclassid Change the DHCP Class ID
  •  control netconnections Displays Network Connection.
  •  nslookup Find out the IP address of the domain name that was written
  •  netstat Displays information on the current TCP / IP connection.
  •  route Displays the local route.
  •  hostname Displays the name of the computer.
  •  ping Test the connection to the site  The less% loss, the better the connection. Example: ping
  •  tracert Displays IP Address route information