Monday, April 22, 2019

Diamond atuhumiwa kumuondoa King Teedee kwenye original version ya wimbo ‘The One’, Diamond alishirikishwa na muimbaji huyo wa Namibia

Fans of the Diamond singer now want to know the truth about the song ‘The One" that resembling the King Teedee song which Diamond was featured with the Namibian singer named King Teedee.

The One of Diamond released in the morning has already trending number 1 in YouTube checked over 500,000 views for a few hours.

For King Teedee's song, I One I Love ’was released on 2 February 2019 and has already been reviewed 381,196 via Youtube.

Kingteedee Instagram wrote on 11 February  2019 "Here are the links for you to download the song King TeeDee - One I Love (feat. Diamond Platnumz):


The fans that claim Diamond will be recognized by the Zambia singer using his part of the song along with the beat for being produced by its producer Lizer Classic.  Below are the views of those fans who wanted to clarification.
 Namibian Vibes.  Diamond why did you do this to us… us Namibians we need explanations
 I crossed the Amaso.  Like seriously now… He can’t do this.  Anyway, copies are always worse than originals….  I love the original version
 Titus.  It is true .. Why is the king out
 Linda Iikondo.It’s such a disappointment that you throw us in the trash can (namibia🇳🇦)…. 
Our guy kingteedee might not have a big voice but he has a golden heart… We won you like you and you made you feel like this you got us back… .. KARMA is a you know what😢😢



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