Monday, April 29, 2019

Difference between Non-Hosted and Hosted Google AdSense

Did you know that Google AdSense has 2 types of accounts, but it still has the same function but let's review it now. These two accounts are:-

  1. Google AdSense Hosted
  2. Non-Hosted Google AdSense

 Google AdSense Hosted

  • Registration is arguably easier because it only goes through 1 review process. 
  • It can only be used on the Blogspot and Youtube platforms. 
  • Ad Codes that can only be installed are the same as the above,
  • It can be two Blogspot accounts. 
  • Cannot be paired in the TLD / Top Level Domain  buy TLD first

 Non-Hosted Google AdSense

  • The registration is more complicated because it goes through two very detailed review processes. 
  • It can be used / registered that has a custom domain TLD such as .net .com .org and others. "For sure, you must undermine the pockets of each year to rent / buy TLD.
  •  If it is concluded Hosted only for Blogspot and Youtube, Non hosted can be in all TLDs
  • But registering AdSense is not as easy as turning your palm, if you are interested please read the TOS / Google Policy.

This is the difference between non-hosted and hosted Google AdSense. Hopefully, thank you and thank you.



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