Monday, April 29, 2019

Difference between notebooks and netbooks

This time what I will discuss is about the difference between notebooks and netbooks.  Because the pronunciation of these two is very similar.  Actually, between notebooks and netbooks there are some very significant differences, including the following:

1. In terms of size and weight
 Netbooks are usually smaller with sizes ranging from only 8-10 inches and weighing in at only 1 kg. While ordinary notebooks or laptops have sizes ranging from 10-17 inches.

2. Specifications
 For specifications, netbooks are more standard than notebooks.  Netbooks do not have DVD ROM while notebooks have them

3. In terms of price
 From the price, there is clearly a difference.  Netbooks are cheaper because they are smaller and the specifications are also standard.  while notebooks are more expensive because they have more advantages compared to netbooks.

4. In terms of performance and durability
 For its own performance, Notebooks are far more reliable than smaller netbooks.  This is again due to the specifications that may differ greatly between the two.  for example, the notebook has a processor up to core I 7, while new netbooks are intel atoms and atoms.  For large clear durability that is more resistant.  being logged is equally given the same burden, but with different energies.  One super power one more light power.  Of course those who have light energy will feel more burdened so that it affects the usage period of course.

5. In terms of comfort
 When talking about comfort, of course in what way.  For example, it is convenient to work, of course I prefer Notebooks that have a more robust performance than ordinary Netbooks.  But if it's convenient to travel, of course, I prefer Netbooks because Netbooks are lighter and smaller so they are easy to carry everywhere.

So this simple information, hopefully you can tell which notebook and netbook.  Hopefully this information about the difference between notebooks and netbooks is useful



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