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Many people ask me what is the secret of economic success?  Is it hard to be rich or easy?  Is there a shortcut?  In this article I will provide answers.

The secret to economic success or wealth is to have a dream of success (being rich) I want everyone to have this dream as it is possible.  Then set goals — how much wealth he wants and for how long.  Objectives should be a great example of being a millionaires (owning 1.7 billion assets worth equivalent to 1 million USD.) The time you should set is from 5 to 10 years. Find business opportunities or a project to achieve your goals.  The business opportunity is to have the goods or services required by most people.  By looking at the history of many rich people have succeeded in engaging in the following opportunities;

  • Ownership of business you like (hobby)
  • Investing in Real estate
  • Investing in stock trading
  • Minerals business (Gold) 
  • Oil trading (Petrol) 
  • Business corporate 
  • Newspapers Business
  • Bank Business 
  • Phone company business 
  • Business using internet 
All the opportunities I mentioned above will be discussed in detail in my next articles.

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