Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Factors That Determining Name or Trademark Of Your Organization

When you consider starting a business or organization of any kind, there are two major things you must decide correctly to promote your popularity, as well as to stimulate your employees.  The two things we are discussing in this article are NAME and LOGO.
Marketing professionals and social relations, mention the following key factors in determining what exactly the name or trademark or your organization should be: -

The image you want to create for the community. The name and logo represent what people should think about your organization.  Sample name as Studio Mastered Sound (SMS) of the headphones of 50CENT headphones aims to make the community visualize that the company's products have high quality sound in using those SMS audio files.

Also looking at the FedEx packaging agency logo, you will see in the E and X there is a signal marker, thus indicating the point, attention and speed of these packages.

Or also check out the online store of brands of various products called JUMIA, ALI BABAB EXPRESS And AMAZON.  See how the icon shows from A to Z, so that the community believes that there is a website that contains all kinds of products you want to buy online.

You can also learn from the Volkswagen, with the letter V and W. Font represent Voks - People, and the word Wagen means the car.  So the logo means the People's Car.  The goal here is to tell the community that this company focuses on developing vehicles that fulfill the needs of people.

The basic functionality you want administrators should know. The names and logo are also used to describe the long-term strategy of the organization and provide instructions to staff or administrators about the basics of follow-up to achieve the company's goals.  This is often accompanied by the vision of the organizers of the organization or business.

For example, according to the sources quoted by wikipedia, the name Toyota was chosen by the founders of a popular automotive Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan, as an example of how they wanted to distinguish their business from their personal affairs - since the name of the homeowner  Toyota Motors Corporation is TOYODA and before their cars were called Toyoda, but because Toyoda means rice farming, they decided to distinguish it from TOYOTA, a word that also means luck, so show.  So instead of making TOYODA decided to call Toyota.  This means that the executives were required to have a sense of being being a bigger company and is going to make major technological changes, and that it is a great thing to work in that company.
TOYOTA logo showing three features, representing client, products and technologies and limited opportunities.  So administrators are required to focus on these factors in the success of the client.

Ease of name or logo remembered. It is important for the name to be easy to remember in people's heads, that's why there are names like Google, Yahoo, Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Toyota, Sony, Nokia, VODACOM, MTN, etc.  The easiest way to make a name is to make sure you have a short name.  That is the name as ADOBE, the name of the river flowing behind the founding house of the founder John Warnock of ADOBE.  He decided to call it so as to make it easier to remember and remember.  Or consider the name ADIDAS, comes from the name of the company owner Adolf (Adi) Dassler.

Unique and attraction: In order to attract people to find out and know more about your organization, it's good to have a name and a unique and influential logo.

The conclusion of this article is that, we have to recognize that the logos and names carry many key elements in the operation and success of the organization.  So business owners or other non-commercial organizations are important to take appropriate decisions in selecting logos and names.  Colors and other elements such as logo drawings represent several basic elements.  Even if you give someone a job to design a name or an organization for your organization, it is good to have this knowledge that the name and name you will actually find are the main goals, the organization of your organization, and the easier it is to be remembered.  This also includes blog names, websites, and even email.



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