Where would the world today be without a woman? Women have a great role in our society in Tanzania and the rest of the world. Beyoncé's musician ever sang saying women are running / riding the world (Runs the World (Girls)

Although many women have not had the courage to live according to their wishes, there are others living and fulfilling their dreams in their daily lives.

We believes the strength of the woman in the community would like to take this opportunity to recognize their courage and contention in society. In this century, a woman has been given priority and empowerment in society, which has caused many women to identify themselves and do more things than ever before.

The woman contestant is a strong woman who knows her strength to fight the challenges in various aspects of life to achieve her goals. These are the attributes of the woman:


The woman's champion is brave and finds opportunities to keep up with them quickly. The brave woman is not afraid to face the challenges ahead, always chooses to confront them. Many brave women have succeeded in raising their economy and managing their families, sometimes without even the help of a man. They are entrepreneurs. It is women with leadership positions working hard and making progress.

Makes the Right Decision

The woman contestant is not afraid to make the right decisions about her life and monitor her plans. Receives positive views and decides to ignore the opinions of other non-productive or non-profit people who have not been able to go ahead and fulfill their dreams. As a result of her movements, a woman's contestant makes the right decision on how to change her lifestyle to improve herself all the time.

She has a dream

A woman contestant has a dream of being someone or reaching certain goals. She is not afraid to be different from the expectations of others. She also knows what ways to follow to realize her dreams. She knows the importance of being attentive to every opportunity that passes ahead of him promising success. His dreams are important to him and give them priority.


The woman contestant is always creative. Women are blessed with the ability to do many things in a short time. Thus, the woman's competitor knows how to divide her work, increase skills and try different things so that she can get the correct results through what she does.

She is self-reliant

The woman's competitor knows how to manage herself in various aspects of life. This does not mean a warrior does not need help from others but she knows only help is not enough. She knows that he must increase because there are many things he needs to accomplish. So she understands her role in his development and even his family.

She offers

The woman champion recognizes her contribution to the community around her. a commitment because it is the right thing and not for gaining popularity or rank. The woman contestant also knows the value of raising others and encouraging those who look at her. She always recognizes and recognizes his contribution to his community.

She encourages

The woman champion encourages her community to be better through her efforts and her achievements motivate other people to increase efforts in various activities. The contestant is not a lover of knowledge, and loves to see others succeed through him.