Thursday, April 25, 2019

Five Tips To Wish Your Dream | Life Tips 2019

Everyone has his or her own dream in life.  Some have great dreams of changing this world, while others have dreams of living a life of their basic needs. All of them need to fulfill their dreams;  but there are obstacles and various factors that prevent people from living their dreams and ending up complaints and complaining especially in old age.
 Join me in this article to tell you five basic points that will enable you to live your dreams.

1. Identify what disturbs you

Our daily lives are full of things and different things but not all allow us to live in our dreams.  It may be that you like something or a certain character that rules or has become the first in your life.  How will I know something or behavior that has dominated the first life?  The answer is simple, what you give a lot of time is first.

You may like football so much that even if you had to do what the ball was going on would be slow;  or another possible TV, alcohol, friends, film, music and so on.
These are some of the things that have been disturbing many people not to live their dreams especially from the level of education to normal life. 

Things to do:

Avoid spending time on non-living things or achieving your dreams.Play time by placing your schedule.

2. Review your friends

Everyone has friends inlife, but not all are useful to you.  Have you ever wondered how many friends you had at primary or secondary school and still benefit you?  Friends need to lift you when you fall or sneeze and do not drown them further.

What friends do you avoid?

Lazy and luxurious friends. Friends who have no interest in education and knowledge.If you avoid these you will remain with those who will not be a hindrance to you to fulfill and live your dreams.

3. Marry or get married by the right person

 Do you know that the issue of marriage has a great opportunity for you to live your dreams?  If you make a good decision on a marriage issue you will take a partner who is not a burden and a barrier to you in living your dreams.

Advantages of getting married to the right person:

She or He will take care of you and encourage you all the time. You will plan a long-term development plan together. You will help each other and encourage each other during the crisis.

If you do not find someone eligible for marriage, the above benefits will be contrary to the result and will be unhappy and live in a desperate situation that you do not reach your dreams.

4. Apply to a successful schedule

We have so many things to do in the world, but not all of them enable us to fulfill our dreams.  Make sure you plan your schedule by making sure you add knowledge and do anything for the day to achieve or fulfill your dreams.

Things to consider in this:

Spend better time (Avoid time-consuming things such as facebook, TV etc). Learn something new every day, also read books and articles like this.  , good behavior and good nutrition).

5. Find time to relax

Since you want to live your dreams, it doesn't mean you don't need to relax.  When you are resting you give your body and brain a chance to be in a better condition so that you can work better.

For example if you like a piano you can make a piano or go to view natural landscapes such as mountains and animals.  Remember to avoid the enjoyment and luxury such as alcohol and adultery.



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