Four Ways to Detect and Promote Your Favourite Job

Have you ever felt that you are doing a job that does not satisfy you?  You can have a  higher education, a good job and a great salary but you find yourself not enjoying what you are doing. Although one of the reasons may be leadership and poor working conditions, however, often, the problem starts within us - to do a non-performing job. Education systems are aimed at preparing us to meet the demands of the community, the labor market and other similarities - the results of such systems are that we do not meet our natural responses.

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Robert Green, the author of the “Mastery” and “48 Laws of Power” books, says education has a great opportunity to lose us.  The more we are taught by the people around us, the more we find ourselves as 'aliens of our own souls.'

Parents' views, teachers, friends, community expectations, often, take us away from the call.  Therefore, instead of respecting what I call, we are bound to other people's expectations.

Robert Green says, “Your success cannot be found out of you.  You need to learn to look into it, connect it with the things you have loved before you meet the consultants. ”Listen to Robert Green here [English].

When I talk to people, especially young people, I find many people are strangers to their soul as Robert Green says.  The work they do is far away from their call - they do not use the talents and abilities that will produce the seeds that God has placed in them.

These people, I can say, have invaded the non-call for their work simply because they have the smell of financial success, popularity in society, power and other things that build them up in society.

In this article, I ask you four questions that I believe can help you get back into you and thus identify and develop your call through your work.

What touches you?

Everyone with a living area impresses them closely.  There is something that you hear is being moved where your heart thrives.  When you are in conversation with others, your ears hear something even if other people don't hear it.  You buy books, you watch television and networks and almost everything you do is around the same area.
As you read here already there is something coming up on your head.  It may be some people's problems, some need that you think our society has or some creativity that you believe is still a society.

Robert Green says, “The things that touch us often do not change.  The little child knows what it touches him sometimes more than the adult.  Don't despise these exciting things. ”

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You may be affected by technology issues;  A system of life, belief or thought in the society you think would be given you would change them.  Whatever touches your thoughts, that is what can be your call.  If you do the work that touches the area you can do better.

What are you identifying yourself with?

Typically, there are things we do to bring certain results we feel proud.  Everyone has their own place doing well they feel satisfied.  There are people who feel proud when they defend human rights;  others teach;  other writing;  design new items;  lead others;  advise, run business, mention at least.

What brings you pride, many times, you would like to introduce yourself.  You will spend more time understanding it than you do in other areas.

I have a friend who every time I meet him should talk about the destruction of the environment.  This sister will speak at length why she thinks the politics of the world have a profound impact on the environment.  If you listen to him you can see his heart is in the environment.  This is the quality of a person's call.
Ask yourself, what do you do well you feel proud?  Do people praise you and recognize you?  If you can match that ability to the work you make it will be easier to achieve great success.

How do you view success?
Success is a wider concept with no single answer.  Everyone has their own way of interpreting what is called success.  There are those who consider success as the ability to accumulate wealth.  They are satisfied when they have reached the level of self-sufficiency and things that enable them to live positively.

Others their success is popularity.  The things that make them known are what they consider to be successful.  Others go further.  They are not satisfied with money or fame but authority.  If they do not have the power to empower others, they still do not feel successful.

Along with them, there are also those who test their achievements in the way they solve the problems of the people around them.  These, they are not content to live a good life but see their lives affect other people.

The success of the success you have, is one of the indicators you have in life.  Your call makes a certain view of success.  If you are able to harmonize your interpretation of success with the work you are doing is likely to be more effective.

What choices do you enjoy?

A high standard of call is a kind of decision you make.  There are times when you can make decisions that not everyone can understand but you yourself have peace and what you are doing.

There was a young man who had left a profitable job to do what he believed was worth it.  He left a job that most people would like to get and started a business.  Such a person in any way has a call for entrepreneurship in it.  In order for the call to be completed it must be a difficult decision.

Ask yourself, what decisions have you made that changed your lifestyle?  If there is a decision you wish to take if you believe it will change your life, that is probably your call.

In general, Don't be afraid to make mistakes
Robert Green says, “Many people want an easy, straight, uncomfortable way to get them straight to the place and success they need.”

Such a view can lose you.  Robert Green advises, “Don't be afraid to make mistakes when looking for your call.  Errors help you identify yourself.  You can do a lot of work that does not meet your call but help you to collect skills and develop your experience.  In this way you grow up towards your calling. ”

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