Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Goverment Increase Health Services

Director of Department of Health, Social Welfare and Nutrition Dr. Ntuli Kapologwe said that the Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government has managed to ensure health care services closer to citizens by building better health facilities, adding experts and ensuring there are facilities and medical supplies.

Interviewed today about the launch of Mbonde Health Center located in Masasi City Council in Mtwara Region on behalf of 352 health care facilities in Dr. Ntuli Kapologwe said the work of OR-TAMISEMI is to coordinate and manage health policies in the country from the level of Regional Secretariat and Local Government. Dr. Kapologwe explains that the launch is taking place at Mbonde Health Center where one of the 352 service providers in the country has been built within three years in the Fifth Phase Government and implementing the Revolutionary Association, which seeks to improve health care in the country by moving those services. close to citizens. He has continued to say that the government has decided to make improvements to the service centers in the country and to ensure that citizens can access health services in their neighborhoods and their services that are eligible.

“The President of the United Republic of Tanzania has been putting a strong emphasis on the Health Sector as preparation for the country's middle economy by 2025h is better to ensure that every citizen is in good health so that he can fully implement his own responsibilities in the community” he explains. Collect He said that these improvements are not only about the construction of health infrastructure but they are consistent with increasing human resources, access to medicines and medicines and medical supplies in the country.

In addition Dr. Kapologwe said in 352 health care facilities in the Government managed to repair 6 hospitals, construction and repair of 39 clinics and 304 health centers in the country. This places a great history that has never been experienced since access to freedom where there were 518 centers.



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