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Calling on the job interview is the last step towards getting your favorite job. In most cases, when the work is announced, applicants are many.  After receiving work applications, the next activity is to analyze the identification of applicants approaching the required criteria. Analysis results are obtained by a list of a few people called for the last stage of the job application.
Since not many people reach this point, when you get official information that you have been called to the job interview you are proud of.  Compete with a group of people who needed the job and were not called, not a small thing. However, it is good to note that the job interview is not working.  There are people who have been called on the frequency many times but never found a job.  This article gives you a few clues to help you make a successful interview.

 The purpose of this article is not to discuss the errors people make on the interview.  We will discuss things to enable you to win the interview and get a job.

Understand Purpose of Interview. You can't prepare well with the interview without understanding the purpose of the interview.  Typically, interviews are an interview between the job applicant and the employer for the purpose of assessing the professional capacity of the applicant.  These interviews are usually done by a conversation or text in a room or area designated by the employer for that purpose.

However, the employer should not be on the interview session.  Sometimes the employer submits its authority to the people he believes for the job.  The panel works to collect information that is used to make decisions whether the applicant is employed or not.  In this context, which is determined by a valid panel, represents the actual wishes of the employer.

The important thing to consider is that when you go to the job interview, you have the responsibility to verify that you are eligible for the position you are requesting.  This will be possible if you show how your abilities, knowledge, and skills exceeds other competitors to get the opportunity you are asking for.

Research a company. Also Preparations begin by conducting research of the organization you expect to provide.  Institutional understanding is important because most questions you will face on the day of the interview are largely dependent on how you understand the organization you want to employ.

In doing research, you need to understand the history of the institution, its vision and goals, its performance system, its leadership, beneficiaries in its services and things like that.  A comprehensive understanding of these sites will help you to respond effectively to questions that may arise on the day of the interview.

In order to do research, you need to monitor the website of the institution, institutional pages in social networks and various publications available online.  Also, you can contact people who know the institutions and try to get information that will help you.

In line with the research of the relevant institution, you need to prepare your mind for the day of the interview.  Believe it is more likely to get a job called.  When you have a positive attitude, it is easy to build self-confidence that will help you do better on the interview.

Be Confident. It is wrong to go to the interview  when you believe you won't get a job.  The feeling that you are only fulfilling the project will give you the power to do well.
Even if you are often called on the job interview and you have failed, believe that this journey will get a job.  Faith builds confidence, confidence builds confidence.

If you are concerned with your self-confidence, look for people with words to raise your heart to help you.  Read the scriptures that encourage you.  By hearing and reading the words that build you up, you will become stronger psychologically and be more courageous.

Consider Best friends. Along with that, avoid talking to people who disappoint you who show you that you won't get a job.  If you allow yourself to meet people like this, you will end up discouraging and will not do well.
Check the time and location of the screen

Know Time And Location of Interview. The biggest mistake you can make on the day of the interview is delayed.  You can be delayed for many reasons.  Moos, not remembering the exact time of the start of the interview.  It is easy to delay when you are unsure and real time to start the interview.

Secondly, you may be late because you are not sure of where we are going to get an interview.  To guess how to get to the screening point on the day of the interview, you are at risk of delay, and sometimes, even fail to arrive.
Search for a map of the area in advance, be satisfied with how you can arrive.  That will help you estimate the time you leave home or the place you arrived so that you can become an interview.
If you need to travel long distances, do not wait for the last day to start the journey.  Arrive early in the area near the place where we will be on the screen, so that you have time to relax and relax.

You need to look neat on the day of the interview.  Although you do not have to wear costumes and some sort of clothing, however you need to wear decent clothes.  Avoid wearing clothing that will give you a picture of an informal person.  Short, casual, tailored, exquisite styles and text clothes cannot be the right choice.

Prepare important documents such as academic certificates, birth certificates, identity cards, call-out letters if given by other documents as directed.  Although these documents may not be needed, but when you have them you have a sense of soul and mind.

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