Friday, April 26, 2019

Job of National Sales Manager at Workforce Management and Consultancy, April 2019

Job title: National Sales Manager
Industry: Renewable Energy 
Reporting To: CEO 
Location: Dar es Salaam & Mwanza

Role Purpose 
The National Sales Manager is responsible for both strategy and implementation of the Companies Sales Program. The Manager will manage the Sales team across regions and Products. The position requires understanding of our customer audience, sales management Skills, excellent coaching skills, and a willingness to travel as needed.

Key Responsibilities

  • Sales Targets Ensuring that the Sales Team meet their targets and setting targets and budget
  • Developing Sales pipelines and effectively forecast future Sales

Team Development

  • Serving as the direct representative of the company’s interests. This responsibility may include travel or meeting with key company’s stakeholders of different levels.
  • Coaching the team and develops talent internally – at least 20% of time should be spent on talent development;
  • Developing programs for training and evaluation

  • Developing a deep understanding of our markets, generating client insights & source 
  • Co-designs new systems and processes to gain quantitative insights on customer behaviours and opportunities
  • Developing distribution strategy, incorporating channel strategy and the utilization of agents and partners as appropriate
Channel Management
  • Mapping out and manages partnership channels;
  • Developing tools and processes to gain insights through each channel;
  • Balancing advantages and limitations / risks of each channel
Ongoing Reporting
  • Managing customer acquisition costs, retention rates, repayment rates, and other key performance indicators
Academic qualifications
  • Minimum of 4 years in a senior Sales Management or Marketing Strategy role
Work Experience& abilities
  • Leading a sales organization of 20+ sales staff with TZS 1,000 million in sales
  • Managing independent, 3rd party sales channels and partnerships
  • Working in sales to rural environments where distribution is challenging
  • Strong metrics based approach to evaluation and planning
Applications: Send your CV to;

Deadline: 30th April 2019



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