Jobs With Higher Sarary In Tanzania

No one likes to study the profession that he knows will not benefit him in his life. so many have been very careful in the choice of the reading profession.

There are various disciplines that are most needed in different sectors and have higher salaries.

The 2015 Employment and Income Research Report recently published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) notes that the banking and insurance services sector is the most rewarding in the country after a large group of employees paid their salary. more than Tsh1.5 million per month. The survey explains that for every three employees of banking and insurance services they receive the same salary, the rate of which is five times the minimum wage for the Government of Tsh 310, 000.

Banks and insurance are followed by the mining sector which 5.9 percent of its employees earn the same salary and that six people per 100 are sure to earn more than Tsh1.5 million per month. Other sectors following the salary level are public administration, protection and social protection by 5.2 percent and health and social welfare by 4.4 percent.

Other well-funded sectors include education, Health, social services and transportation and construction.

8 out of ten workers in the education sector are paid for Tsh. 300,000 to Tsh. 900,000 equivalent to 75 percent of all workers in the industry.

Further analysis of these statistics shows that even if the banking and insurance sector will be assessed for more than Tsh900, 000 per month is still increasingly as half of the workers get the same rate.

Even when there are more payable sectors, the report shows that the accommodation and food services sector is leading to a large number of low-paid salaries not exceeding Sh100, 000 per month which is equivalent to 29.4 percent.

The study, conducted between July and December 2015, suggests 6 out of 10 employees of the industry are paid a salary not exceeding Tsh150, 000 followed by office support services and agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Human resource experts say that the level of salaries in the sector is set to look at various criteria including the type of education and skills required.

The human resource specialist, Zuhura Muro explained that the level and productivity in production, the level of knowledge and education and the competitiveness of the industry in the sector contributed significantly to determining salary levels.

“A person with low education in the banking sector and insurance is a certificate level because it has many risks and is highly controlled internally and internationally. You cannot hire anyone just in the industry that is why the salaries are large, ”said Muro, who is the executive director of Human Resources Limited.

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