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Latest List of Google AdSense Highest CPC 2019 countries

Google AdSense is an advertising collaboration service hosted by the giant Google company. From year to year, the number of AdSense publishers has increased along with soaring advertisers using Adwords services. One factor is the rapid development of internet users throughout the world.

Latest List of Google AdSense Highest CPC 2019

With the CPC (Cost Per Click) system, Google sets the price per click for each ad that varies. There are many factors that can affect the CPC value of an advertisement, including country territory and keywords or keywords. Has the question arisen as to why the value of Indonesian CPC is smaller than that of the United States? Then which country has the highest CPC value?

What are the factors that make CPC Google AdSense ads different for each country?

High and low CPC AdSense is influenced by many factors ranging from niche blogs and keywords. Keywords relate to niche blogs themselves. Google will find out what many content is discussed on your blog via keywords in searches that lead to your blog. Google AdSense will filter eligible ads to appear on a blog that was previously auctioned (determine what ads and click prices).

Advertisers also target their ads to blogs with certain themes that are relevant to their products. So it is recommended to create one niche blog only. In addition advertisers will target keywords that have high and tight search levels because their ads have more opportunities to see.

In addition, the budget of a company that advertises also affects the value of ad clicks. Companies like Amazon can spend large amounts of money just to advertise. Just try to check how much CPC is from Amazon ads. Different if the advertiser is an individual or only a small company. Of course they don't want to lose just to promote their products. Because of that, expensive CPC can be because the price for placing ads is also high.

Which country has the highest CPC?

If you talk about the broadcasting area or ad targeting, of course Indonesia will lose to America. Obviously, more developed American countries have higher economic levels. Competition between advocates is very strict. So it is clear that advertisers spend a lot of money winning opportunities against their competitors on the level of popularity of advertisements.

That's why they want to pay for their advertising. As a publisher, of course this can be a great opportunity to earn income by targeting certain countries. Then which countries have the most expensive advertising (highest CPC)? Look at the CPC averages for each country below.

Latest List of Google AdSense Highest CPC 2019

  1. Australia
  2. Amerika Serikat
  3. Norwegia
  4. Britania Raya
  5. Selandia Baru
  6. Afrika Selatan
  7. Canada
  8. Belanda
  9. Sweden
  10. Swiss
  11. Denmark
  12. German
  13. Belgium
  14. Singapore
  15. Nigeria
  16. Kuwait
  17. Japan
  18. Ireland
  19. Finland
  20. Perancis
  21. Luksemburg
  22. Malaysia
  23. Austria
  24. Hong Kong
  25. Israel
  26. Islandia
  27. Slovenia
  28. Slovakia
  29. Uni Emirat Arab
  30. Italia
  31. Qatar
  32. Botswana
  33. Estonia
  34. Spanyol
  35. Bermuda
  36. Ciprus
  37. Russia
  38. Ceko
  39. Puerto Riko
  40. Yunani
  41. Arab Saudi
  42. Albania
  43. Oman
  44. Latvia
  45. Portugal
  46. Lebanon
  47. Kenya
  48. Bahamas
  49. Malta
  50. Bahrain
  51. Ghana
  52. Mozambique
  53. Jamaica
  54. Zimbabwe
  55. Hungaria
  56. Brazil
  57. Armenia
  58. Tanzania
  59. Rwanda
  60. Trinidad dan Tobago
  61. Lithuania
  62. Ukraine
  63. Chili
  64. India
  65. Taiwan
  66. Panama
  67. Poland
  68. Republic Dominica
  69. Costa Rika
  70. Korea Selatan
  71. Zambia
  72. Uganda
  73. Kongo (DRC)
  74. Jordania
  75. Maroko
  76. Argentina
  77. Meksiko
  78. Makau
  79. Thailand
  80. Irak
  81. Namibia
  82. Colombia
  83. Monaco
  84. Ethiopia
  85. Croatia
  86. Kazakhstan
  87. Angola
  88. Bulgaria
  89. Filipino
  90. Azerbaijan
  91. Cameroon
  92. Peru
  93. Turkey
  94. Algeria
  95. China
  96. Georgia
  97. Uruguay
  98. Indonesia
  99. Belarusia
  100. Romania
  101. Mesir
  102. Moldova
  103. El Salvador
  104. Republik Makedonia (FYROM)
  105. Ecuador
  106. Gibraltar
  107. Brunei Darussalam
  108. Antillen Belanda
  109. Serbia
  110. Bolivia
  111. Yaman
  112. Palestina
  113. Tunisia
  114. Sri Lanka
  115. Venezuela
  116. Afghanistan
  117. Kamboja
  118. Senegal
  119. Nepal
  120. Sudan
  121. Guatemala
  122. Maladewa
  123. Libya
  124. Pantai Gading
  125. Benin
  126. Myanmar (Burma)
  127. Bangladesh
  128. Bosnia dan Herzegovina
  129. Mauritius
  130. Laos
  131. Paraguay
  132. Vietnam
  133. Pakistan
  134. Mongolia

Latest List of Google AdSense Highest CPC 2019

Here is the Latest List of Google AdSense Highest CPC 2019. This list will continue to be updated for the highest cpc list for the following year.
It can be seen from 134 country lists based on Google AdSense CPC, Indonesia is ranked in the top 98. Indonesia's CPC is smaller than the other two Southeast Asian countries, namely Singapore and Thailand. In other words, Indonesia has a low CPC average. It is even possible that the most expensive advertising prices in Indonesia are still below the average CPC of America.

That's the Latest List of Google AdSense Highest CPC 2019. Hopefully useful.



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