NECTA: How To Appeal For Examination Results

1.Make sure you fill in the correct information in this form. You should write your full address
which will be used to provide you with the results of the revision of the script your / yours.
2. The cost of re-scripting is Tshs. 20,000 / = for one subject. Payment be done through the following Account accounts:

  • Corporate NBC Corporate (NECTA) A / C 011103001074 or 011103001086
  • B CRDB The Lion (NECTA) A / C 01J1013540000
  • - NMB - Bank House A / C 2011100238

3. If you fill in the incorrect information that will lead to other script correction unlike your expectations, the money you paid is NOT refunded and you will have to pay for it again
your referral costs.
4. You should return the form of appeal (RF2) with payment receipt (Original) to
Executive Secretary, Tanzania Examination Council, S.L.P. 2624 Dar es Salaam, before
The referral period ended (within one month from the date results
were announced).
5. You are required to provide a copy of the form (RF2) and a payment receipt and remain with it
your memory.

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