Tuesday, April 30, 2019

NIDA The Registration and Recognition Procedure Of National Identity Card

The idea of ​​establishing national identity cards for Tanzanian citizens and foreigners living in Tanzania was born in 1968 at the Interstate Intelligence Gathering session which included delegates from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.  At that time Kenya and Zambia already had their national IDs.  It was noted that in order to strengthen the security relations based on the rule of law in the four countries, the Ugandan and Tanzania countries are also issuing national IDs to their citizens.

NIDA The Registration and Recognition Procedure Of National Identity Card takes place as follows:

  •  Completion of Recognition and Registration forms,
  •  Preview of the application form,
  •  Input of computer information,
  •  verify the applicant's data in the computer system.
  • Taking of fingerprints, pictures and electronic signatures,
  •  Creating the Human Information Register,
  •  Last review,

 8. Printing and verification of Quality IDs and Identity Documents. Click Here To Read More Deatisl About Registration Of National Identity Card