Monday, April 29, 2019

Optimizing the Amount of Clicks and AdSense Ad Revenue on Blogs

Optimizing the Number of Clicks and AdSense Ad Revenue on Blogs - Hello friend Iumari, for those of you who are confused how to increase the CTR (number of clicks) of ads on the website.  Well, this time there are some tips that you can use to optimize the number of clicks and Google Adsense ad revenue.

The tips that we provide are of course in accordance with the guidelines of Google Adsense and have gone through the experimental results from the Google directly.

1. The first tip for the Home Page (Index)

Usually the eyes of people when visiting a web especially on the homepage is the top.  Therefore, Google recommends that we place a large size ad on the top, for example, size 728x90 or 300x250.  This ad is placed between posts.  For more details, check the picture above.  In addition, you can also add a search ad type at the top right.

2. The second tip is ad placement on the category page
Not much different from the placement of ads on the homepage.  On the category page, the eyes of visitors to a blog or website are usually directed at the top.  Therefore we must place a large 728x90 or 300x250 ad on the upper left side.  Given the reading direction from left to right, then place a 160x600 ad on the lower right to attract the attention of blog visitors after they have finished reading the article.  And finally place the type of search ad on the top right.

3. Last ad placement on the content page
This is the most important part of a blog or website.  Good content will certainly make blog visitors feel at home and automatically increase the blog's ranking itself.

Well, for the placement of ads on content pages we can put the type of ad link below the article title with a size of 488x15.  Then in the upper left corner can be placed 300x250 ad.

At the end of the article you can also place a 400x15 link ad and an advertisement size of 728x90 or 468x60.  And finally, on the lower right side we can place 160x600 ads.

Placement of good ads can certainly add CTR (number of clicks) to your blog or website.  Also keep in mind, the maximum number of ads according to Google's guidelines are 3 content ads, 3 ad links and one search advertisement ... good luck.