Reasons To Lose Customers In Business

Customers are the key pillars in the success of any business. Sometimes you may wonder why a customer or certain clients today do not see them in your business? You start looking for a sorcerer who is in your business, or a sorcerer is you who can attract many customers or lose them.
This comes from the way you provide your service and serve the client. Today we will look at the factors that lead to losing or offending the client.

  • Delay opening business; there are some business owners late to open the business and you find the customer needs to get an early service compared to your business opening time. This reason may lose a client or offend if your daily behavior is delayed; The customer is waiting for you in the business area instead of you waiting for the client, the reason that may lose your client.
  • Doing business by experience; when you have decided to do business then do every day without practice or feel. Some traders are doing business with feelings or practices. For example, today he can open a business, tomorrow he closed; now such behavior can cause the client to get a nuisance and move away. If you decide to do business do every day without despair.
  • Leaving business alone; there is the behavior of traders can open their business and stop alone. His work is to move around or go to the stool while leaving his business open. The customer comes in and finds it difficult to find a service provider. Do you think there is another place that he chooses to go and find a service provider and serve him well, will be convinced to move?
  • A bad statement; when you are doing business you should have good statements that will attract the client to your service. There are other clients who may have a bad statement but you should not respond negatively to the client, read your client's psychology, serve with love and hospitality. So a bad statement is one of the reasons that can lead to negative results in your business.
  • Not interested in business; there are other businesses offering services as they are forced to do the business. Not interested in your job is one of the reasons that will make the customer uncomfortable with the business.

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