Sunday, April 21, 2019

Rights Of Sacked Worker From The Job | Job Tips 2019

  • Employee has the right to be paid for a 7-day salary for every full year of employment for the employer for not more than 10 years. The daily wage can be deducted by dividing monthly salaries every day.

  • However, if an employee was exhausted before the end of the first year of employment, he was legally discharged because of misconduct, incapacity, unwanted or reluctant work that was assigned to him and he would not be eligible for a spine.
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  • Also, employee savings in the social security fund will not be affected by the employer for any reason.  In a situation where an employee has been dismissed with a bank loan, it will depend on the agreement reached between him and the bank.  For example, if an employer is a sponsor of a bank employee, for the employee to use his salary as collateral, it is the responsibility of the employer to contact the bank in respect of the debt.

  • Other rights you deserve are a certificate of performance under an employee who dismisses you, a travel permit to your place of origin according to a contract with the employer.