Thursday, April 11, 2019

Serikali Kumwaga Ajira 44,887 | Financial Year 2019/2020

Tanzania Parliament has been described in the financial year 2019/20, the government will employ 44,807 new staff members.
Among the opportunities that will employ most staff are Education (13,526), ​​Health (9467), Police Force (3,725). Other sectors are Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (2,141), Prisons (685), Firefighters and Immigration (500), Hospitals and voluntary hospitals (1,262) as well as 13,002 employees of other companies including lecturers of public universities .
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The statement was made in Parliament yesterday by the Minister of State, President's Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), George Mkuchika, while presenting estimates of revenue and expenditure for 2019/2020.

He said away from recruiting, also 290,625 employees will be promoted according to the instructions given.

In addition, he said the board will conduct a survey of salaries and interests in the defense and security agencies that are Police, Prisons, Immigration, Firefighters and Tanzanian Defense Forces (JWTZ) to advise how best to provide incentives.
“Motivation will take into account the standards of increasing efficiency in the work of these entities,” he said.

Mkuchika said the Salary and Public Service Board hopes to prepare four information on the cost of living that will be used to advise the level of salary associated with the cost of living for civil servants.

Minister Mkuchika said the government will make a review of staff at regional secretariat to ensure better use of human resources in the public service.

Similarly, he said they analyzed and reviewed claims for civil servants salaries 21,683 worth Shs. 50.7 billion and take action accordingly.

In line with that, he said they would make a review of resources and liabilities to 2,000 public officials and proceed with the process of using the form of the form of a declaration of resources and debts for public officials via the Internet after the completion of the electronic system. management of ethical information.

Mkuchika also said the government will involve the structures and divisions of public entities of 100 institutions including offices, ministries that are dependent, government agencies and public entities and present them to the President for approval for implementation and the goal is to increase efficiency.

The Ministry requested Parliament to approve Shs. 683.5 billion, where typical use is Sh. 483.6 billion and development spending is Sh. 199.8 billion.

Referring to the Social Development Fund (TASAF), Mkuchika said during the financial year 2019/20 it will make the diagnosis and enrollment of poor households in the 4,408 villages, 1,189 villages and Shehia 96 which were not reached in the first phase of the program, with 355,000 households expecting reached.

In addition, Mkuchika said the Human Resources and Business Scheme Program (MKURABITA), intends to establish five business formalization centers in order to enable entrepreneurs to access key services in one of the five councils of Kahama, Tabora, Nyamagana, Songea and Babati.

Reading the report of the Standing Committee on Governance and Local Government, Venance Mwamoto, said the committee advises government to increase salaries for civil servants to enable them to afford the cost of living that has been increasingly increasing every day.

“We are all witnesses that the government has not increased salaries for civil servants for the third year,” he said.