Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Stakeholders meet to discuss the draft Local Government Elections

Minister of State, President's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Selemani Jafo have urged leaders and representatives of political parties to make a positive opinion in order to formulate the best principles that will govern local government elections. In addition, Jafo said local government elections are expected to be held throughout November or December this year. Jafo said this at the opening of a two-day conference that brought together the permanent registering political parties who have a duty to discuss the local government elections that will be held later this year.

He said Tanzania is governed by democracy, so the Government is united to form a platform to gather various stakeholders including cooperative associations to have better principles that will lead to peace and stability. “Given this mandate by President John Magufuli, I saw it was not good in accordance with the procedure of extracting these principles we must develop the principles that have a significant impact on the various stakeholders that will be very helpful in the election process we are in. “We receive feedback from stakeholders, and this group that represents the political parties that are registered is very important because it is a group that cuts all the time in these cartoons and is responsible for appointing candidates for different positions. He said because of the importance of political parties in the creation of electoral principles, his office forwarded the draft to the stakeholder in order to find time to review and come up with a positive opinion. “That is why I have given them instructions and it is a good idea to reach a stakeholder a few days before we meet them so that they have time to review them to get a good idea.

He added: “Sometimes when we give the code to the center, it is not very good and it is as a matter of interaction, this is something for all of us for our country, early to get good advice and good principles to be able to participate in the elections. local government for beauty. Jafo said these principles have three areas including the Draft Election Chair of the village chairperson, members of the village council and the chairman of the neighborhood in the 2019 local government authorities. He also said there is a draft election for local chairman, and local committee members in the 2019 urban authorities and a draft of the electoral chairman's electoral authority in the sub-2019 urban authorities. “I am waiting for you to take the time to actively participate in commenting and various contributions to help improve the draft regulations with the aim of promoting democracy in the country and good governance. “Our nation is a symbolic nation, perhaps other nations do not get a platform like this to exchange ideas so as to further strengthen democracy,” he said. He added: “It is my belief that the process will go well and you will be productive to the members to provide a better comment so that the end of the day will be in November or at the end of this year for God's grace.

And the Chairman of the Political Party Council, John Shibuda said they will make sure they formulate principles that will create a better national and international image. He appealed to the meeting the Registrar of the Party to provide a harmonization of these principles with the new political party laws so as not to create a conflict during the elections. “In order to overcome the insufficiency and not being aware of the harmonization of political party rules and these electoral principles, we should add the time of discussion to three days so that we can hear what the registrar says about this so that it does not occur,” he said. Shibuda also commended President John Magufuli's efforts to strengthen the economy of the country and that they as political parties do not have a keen eye and mind to realize these efforts.

Yesterday the delegates were adopted in the draft and they will use today to negotiate and tomorrow will be part of the civil society to comment. Some of the parties that sent representatives are the Party of Revolution (CCM), the Association of Citizens (CUF), the Democracy and Development Association (CHADEMA), ARA, Union for Multiparty Democracy (UMD), ACT-Wazalendo, NCCR-Mageuzi, National League For Democracy (NLD), United Peoples' Democratic Party (UPDP), National Reconstruction Alliance (NRA) and Tanzania Democratic Alliance (TADEA). Tanzania Labor Party (TLP), United Democratic Party (UDP), Democracy (MAKINI), Democratic Party (DP), Public Voice (SAU), Tanzania Farmers Party (AFP), CCK, Alliance for Democratic Change (ADC) and Public Liberation Association (CHAUMMA).



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