The complexity of life, family conflict and romantic relationships are among the many reasons that make the decision difficult.

What?  how will you find someone who has symptoms of suicide, through the SUPA MIX Program of East Africa Radio, a psychologist and university lecturer, Novelt Deogratius has mentioned some of the symptoms of detecting such a person when he said,

 “The main symptoms that you can detect in a person who wants to commit suicide are, first and foremost to isolate people, someone like this very much to live alone but in this case not all who like to isolate themselves have the risk of reaching those difficult decisions.  Another indicator is to talk about suicide, eg someone uses words like ‘I wish to commit suicide, or if I die I am not surprised’ ”.

Other signs that the psychologist mentioned is a person to prepare a simple suicide situation, where he said such a person would like to set his own environment well, such as buying poisoning, string and writing the final letter he would leave after the suicide, although these preparations do so in secret that it is  difficult to recognize him.

 Novelt Deogratius also said that men are leading to suicide due to a lack of transparency and their challenges while women are leading to commit suicide attempts that are unsuccessful.

 In terms of social groups, young people between the ages of 15-29 are leading the suicide of African countries while the group of elders lead in developed countries due to a lot of time to live alone without being surrounded by their relatives and neighbors.  in contrast to the African continent who are at their age are most concerned with their children, relatives and relatives.

According to the World Health Organization report (WHO), about 800,000 people die in suicide each year and many others are experimenting.  79% of deaths resulting from suicides occur in countries with low and middle-class economies.

The psychologist has advised the community to become more involved in the fear of God and to see psychologists if necessary, if it is a proper way to prevent the problem of the problem.