Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tamko La Serikali Kumiliki Sim Card Moja

Deputy Minister of Construction, Communication and Transport, Astashata Nditiye said the government has not given a declaration of owning one Sim Card instead of targeting prevent one citizen to use more than one Sim Card for one network.

Deputy Minister Nditiye made the statement in Parliament in Dodoma when responding to Rombo MP's question, Joseph Selasini who questioned the government's recent statement.

MP Selasi has asked, “The Minister has said on May 1, will start the registration of Sim Card by using fingerprints, saying no ownership of the two lines until you are allowed, you do not think you will torture the people for areas where other networks are not available?

Responding to that question in Parliament, Deputy Minister said, “What I say I wish every Tanzanian to have a single line for each network, wanting another line to say only, we avoid the influx of too many lines, eg 'Zile laini za tuma kwa namba hii ni laini zisizo na tija”.



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