Saturday, April 27, 2019

Tanzania leads Africa to the people with stress

Depending on where you live, stress can be caused by various factors such as fighting, hunger and various problems or problems in your work environment. The situation reminds all citizens, from developing countries or developed countries.

The Gallup Institute has conducted a survey of stress levels in 143 countries around the world as part of 2019 Global Emotions Report where more than three quarters of respondents said they had encountered a situation of exposure, one day before the survey. In a report published by the Forbes magazine, Greece is leading to a high concentration of people with 59 percent, where the stress is largely affected by the country's economic collapse.

The second position is held by the Philippines with 58 percent, while Tanzania with 57 percent as the first African country in that list. From Africa (Participants) in the list of 10 most vulnerable countries there are three countries in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

 The study provides an example of the United States which is among the 10 countries whose citizens have a stressful state that the levels of the problem have been increasing in different countries in the world.
In 2006, 46% of US citizens were affected by stress, increased to 53 percent in 2014, and now 55 percent. The study revealed that people between the ages of 15 and 49 are the most affected.



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