TCRA Will Ban unregistered SIM Card in a new system

Tanzania  Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) said will ban all people who their SIM card not registered with new styem of Biometric Registration.

The authority has said that the time limit will be announced and there will be no exemption and will ban all SIM Card that have not been registered for the system.

The statement was given today by the manager of the region's Regional Engineer Francis Mihayo, in the launch of a campaign to educate the public on the system held in Bariadi in Simiyu region.

Mihayo said that the registration of all lines to the system will commence on May 1, 2019, and citizens will be required to go to various mobile service providers for registration.

He also said that TCRA's aim to come up with the system is due to the presence of a large number of citizens registered softly using fake tags.

Recognizing the campaign by the head of Bariadi district, Festo Kiswaga, has asked the people of the district to come up with a large number of registers to re-register the system, urging them to go with NIDA IDs.

Kiswaga also urged various stakeholders in the country to support TCRA's efforts to follow the instructions given to control the criminal activities.

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