Ten (10) Before Climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Guide explains why women and men between the ages of 40 and 60 are able to climb this mountain more than young people between the ages of 20 and 30. . Interesting eh?
Now, if you are thinking about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, there are tips to help you prepare for climbing the tallest mountain in Tanzania and Africa. These are:

1. Practice to walk more

This is very important if you want to get to the top. You will walk so much with everything you go up on this mountain, so start walking very much in your climbing Kilimanjaro practice. Many people who are preparing to climb Kilimanjaro mountain are forgetting that it gets to every station by walking 5 or 8 hours a day. It usually takes 6 or 8 days to reach the top and therefore, you will be walking for 5 or 7 hours a day. Make sure you are preparing for this.

2. Choose a way to climb before

It is common to have a desire to get to Africa's top, but you have to fight and remember that there is no advantage to accelerate. Acceleration can bring you more harm. People who want to climb a mountain within 4 or 5 days may decide to use the fastest way. But, forgetting the memory of the body requires time to practice with low oxygen levels, as you go. That is why many people get sick as they climb up the mountain and, therefore, fail to climb it. Instead, go through all the way and also read people's comments on these ways. You will find a way to get the best way to the mountain side with joy and success. Forced return is sad, especially if your health is good but you are not patient and so you are wrong with using the fastest and endless pain. Remember, quickly does not have a blessing.

3. Water is your best friend!

Don't like to drink water? Start practicing drinking! Having a hydrocarbon is a lot if you hope to get away. Your body lacks hydration faster because of elevation and this can lead to dizziness or severe headaches. People who have reached the top of the hill and the safety decline suggest that you drink 5 liters of water per day. This may seem hard to do, but it is necessary if you expect to get to the top.

4. Practice in the hills and add weight

If you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you will be a heavy carpet and you will have to turn on the steep hills with the bag. One way to prepare for this is to walk around a mountainous hill near the home, wearing those bag. Remember to start with a very steep slope hills  but severely increasing as you practice. Also, add weight to the bag as you practice.

5. Remember your goal

Do you know that an older woman who climbed Kilimanjaro was 86 years old? Angela Vorobeva confirmed to many people who were concerned about climbing this mountain that anyone can climb it. Good health is not everything. Climbing Kili - a short name for Kilimanjaro given by local residents - you must remember your reason for climbing and you will feel completing your goal. This will help you very much when you feel desperate. We hope that your reason for climbing Kili is more than just boasting that you have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

6. Wear according to the environment

You must have proper clothing if you do not want to catch or get elevated disease. A great study of the best goggles, best beads, comfortable shoes and even underwear helps to ensure that you feel better when you climb and drop. You don't want to be worried about the cold feet, the mouth that is out of it or not having a battery for flashlight. Simplify your life by having proper clothing.

7. Prepare yourself for a very normal life

Do not be surprised that among those 6 or 8 days you will be climbing the mountain, you will not be able to wash. Women, please forget the cosmetics issue! So, familiarize yourself with normal and do not fear anything. You will all have this problem.Some people have a hard time in camp life. Before you go to climb the mountain, try to plan a small trip to the camp to get more experience than camping.

8. The epidemic is your enemy

It is very difficult to avoid the epidemic.
Acceleration is not the way to achieve the point and fall without the pain. The body needs time to exercise with low levels of oxygen and slow walking gives you time to adjust to more weight to practice with these standards. Get ready for headaches, lack of hydrate and vomiting. Depend on all of them as a result of the change of the mold and what you can do to reduce their severity is to slow down and drink plenty of water.

9. Avoid the Sun

As you grow, the sun's rays become more intense. So if you walk, walk in the shadows.
Also, sun exposure does not affect your appearance only, but also affects your passes to the top. Your body lacks the hydrocarbons if it is sunked by the sun, so carry oil to prevent the edge of direct sunlight.

10. Enjoy

Rising Kilimanjaro is something to remember all your life. For many who have succeeded in planting it, the journey to the top is the most enjoyable, more than to reach the top. You will get different emotions if you are climbing but you will see an interesting theme at an unusual level. Therefore, remember to enjoy all trips to the top of Africa. It's a wonderful thing

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