Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The government's position on raising staff new salaries

The government said it is aware of the issue of raising salaries, and that it will do so when time arrive.

The statement was made by three different ministers in Parliament who are the Minister of Labor and Good Governance, George Mkuchika, Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office, Policy, Parliament, Labor, Youth, Employment and Disability, Jenister Mhagama and Deputy Minister of Education, William  Ole Nasha.

The leaders were responding to the ruling chairman of CHADEMA MP Ruth Mollel who wanted the Government to increase salaries of staff.

Minister George Mkuchika said "the government is building a modern railway (SGR), repairing and building airports, and other major projects and that when it comes the staff will be added to their salaries, as the government is aware of it."

"You want standard gauge, firstly to repair airport.  When the time comes we will provide additional salaries.  Those who are in trouble with the airport would say we give the first flight," said Minister Mkuchika

We have time to sit and negotiate, the Government will do everything at the right time, said Minister Mhagama emphasizing his intention to meet and negotiate with opposition parties on the issue.