Monday, April 15, 2019

The world's largest airplane is flying, with 6 engines and longer wings than football field

The world's largest 6-Boeing 747 engine has emerged in the United States for the first time on Saturday last week.

The flight made his pilot trip in the Mojave Desert, California in the United States. Designed for advanced sky to send satellites instead of the current rocket system.

Created by an engineering company called Scosites of Scaled. It is the largest airplane in the world and its two wings are longer than the football field.

Before jumping the plane had made only the lowest. It grew at a speed of 304 kilometers per hour (189 mph) and reached 5,182 meters long.

“It is a bird of its kind flying in the sky,” said Stratolaunch CEO, Jean Floyd and adding “This step achieves our goals and landing a more flexible and easy-to-fly plan”.

Stratolaunch was funded by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft as a way to enter the market for launching small satellites.

The world's tallest flight wings was named after Spruce Goose used during World War II with eight engines that are now stored in the national museum.

When Stratolaunch calls their largest airplane in the world, other birds have been much longer from the nose to the tail. These include six engine Antonov AN 225 cargo aircraft, which has a height of 84 meters, and Boeing 747-8 which is more than 76.3 meters.

The pilot shot the airplane, Evan Thomas said everything went smoothly. “For the most part, the airplane flew as prophesied,” said Thomas and adding, “it was quite strange. In fact I was not more optimistic about the first run, this bird is unique. ”

In order to make the plane strong and lighter, Stratolaunch works in a large quantity of carbon fiber materials instead of aluminum.

Airplane is run by six Pratt & Whitney engines, which are designed for Boeing 747s aircraft.

The plane has 28 wheels and was also designed for Boeing 747, its wings with a height of 117.3 meters, more than a 100-meter football field.

The plane carries approximately 250 tons and the end of the jump is 3.1 million tons, the size of this bird is on its wings and nose.



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