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Employment and labor relations Act No. 6 of 2004 specifies a number of conditions that could cause an employee to be dismissed by an employer.  First, if the employer has complied with the terms of the contract relating to the termination procedure.  Compliance with the terms of the contract depends on the type of contract.  Where the contract is permanent, the employer must have valid reasons to take action to terminate the contract. The following are things can lead to be sacked from work:-
  • But the employer can also dismiss an employee because of the bad behavior and misconduct in the workplace.  Errors that fall into misconduct include making serious acts of disrespect for your leaders at work and absence.  The absence is not visible at work without notice or late arrival at work against the work contract.
  •  In addition, acts that show a lack of ethics can contribute to the removal of work.  For example, making a great deal of fraud, deliberately destroying your employer's property, risking the safety of other people intentionally, negligent in the workplace and even insulting, insulting or attacking your colleague, client, distributor or family member or anyone related to the employer.
Whatever the case, dismissal is not an easy thing.  In addition to the economic impact, job loss without your choice can affect your psychological.  These effects may be even greater if you have a feeling that the procedure used to get rid of work was not fair.  Feelings of injustice and lack of access to your rights can hurt you more.Yes, it is wise to be satisfied that with what has happened you still have your rights you deserve.  Next article we will write how to appeal or procedures to follow to fight for your job rights.Click Here To Read Procedures To Follow After Sacked From Job

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