Things To Avoid In Writing Job Application Letter | Tips 2019

When you write an important letter of work, use the words that build up the image of a quiet, dignified person, who can express their ability well without showing a lack of pride.  The following are mistake to avoid in writing job application letter:-
  • Avoid using the command words, which are not humble, informal street words.
  • You have no reason to mention the recipient's name even if you know him.  Name his title if necessary, but use words like Brother, Dear Sir / Madam is more appropriate.
  • Likewise, make sure that the language you use is fluent, understandable and does not contain text errors. Avoid the grammatical errors that give a picture of negligence and laziness and can cost you even if you have academic qualifications.  Remember, not only academic qualifications are used to make decisions about recruitment or unemployment.
  •  In addition, you do not need to identify yourself and provide unnecessary information that you mentioned in the profile you will link.
  •  For example, it is not appropriate to fill out a paper with details like, "I am a 24-year-old boy born in Kwa Mtoro village in Kondoa, Dodoma Region. I have read Kindergarten in Rorya district, and then moved to Kyela for Primary School.  Second class then ... I moved to primary school Lomwe, then I went to ... and so on ".  This information is discouraging, and it shows you are not creative or communicative.
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  •  Finally and importantly, it is a mistake to be tempted to give false information in an attempt to create a positive image.  Unsupported attributes, he will stop them.
  •  In conclusion, a work application letter is your attempt to show the employer how to be creative and able to communicate effectively.  Use the opportunity you can.
  •  It is wise to understand that applying a job is not getting a job.  It is part of a journey that sometimes takes a long time to find the most enjoyable answers.  While waiting for responses, it is wise to do activities that can promote and develop skills even if you have to volunteer for free.

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