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There is no great challenge if you get a good business idea and that will enable you to achieve success. Although I have written so many times how to make a good idea of ​​business, there are still questions that I get from readers is what business is good and profitable.

Today we will learn three important questions to ask yourself in any business idea to know if it will bring you benefits. It is important to know that every business idea is good and can bring benefits.  The challenge is how you can implement this idea so that it can bring you that benefit.  Through these three questions you will be able to put your idea in mind and eventually be able to make a business to go through the idea.

 1. How can I get paid for this idea?

 Ask yourself this very important question how you can be paid for the idea you have.  How can you get paid for what you like to do?

 Suppose you like to draw, how can you earn for drawing?  Here you can find answers like drawing art works, drawing maps, starting an animated newsletter and many more.

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 2. How much will I be paid for this idea?

 Finding a guaranteed point of view is still not enough for you to assure yourself of business.  Another important question to ask yourself is how much will I be paid for this idea?  You must know the extent to which you can earn from your idea.  And also see the amount that you are paid will allow you to continue the business.

 In our example of the above drawing, you can draw an animation to pay, but drawing a map of the buildings can pay more.

3. Is there a way that I can earn more than once?

 A good business idea is what you can earn more than once.  If you have a business that a person buys is out and cannot return to you again it is very difficult to make a sustainable business.

 Except if you have a way to earn more than once, or the customer comes again and again you will be able to build a good and successful business.

 Ask yourself and answer these three questions and you will be able to build your business idea and bring you great success

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