Tips To Interview House girl Or House Boy

In the 21st century, parents especially mothers are forced to work to support their families.  So it becomes important for these mothers to get help especially if they have children.  The whole process of conducting job interviews for finding someone to help check your children is a difficult thing.  You have to make sure that the person with the employer is right because he or she will stay with your children for a long time.  We have prepared some of the questions that will help you in this interview.

1. Start with Primary Things.

Know the first job applicant, start with the greetings and the identity of the identity.  This will allow the applicant to rest and express himself well.  You need to know its history well because he will be serving your children.  You can start with:

  • How long have you been serving children?  OR Have you ever been to a party?
  • How old are you caring for children?
  • What would you like to go to?  And why?
  • How long will you stay with Family?

This is an important question, especially in the Tanzanian community.  Often they last for a few months and then leave the job, this makes parents find the next time to find another one in a short time.  This question will enable you to know the accountability of the one to your family.  Also staying for a long time at work is good for all.  For it gives you the opportunity to get together and promote trust between parents and parents.

2.What About Your Child's Penalties?

The punishment for the child is very sensitive.  So asking this question will enable you to know how these will handle your child when he or she makes a mistake.  The child needs to know where he does something good and when he does something wrong.  Do you need to know how such a person will punish your son is right?  And are you satisfied with it?  Or refer to how you would like your child to be punished.  In any case, the parent and the child should come to an agreement before they involve the child, as they punish the child when doing the wrong thing is good for the intellectual development.

3.Pratical Interviews

As part of your interview and time, go to your children.  This will allow you to know if they are compatible with your children, and if they are suitable for the position.  When you come out, will you have peace if you know your children are being watched by that one?  When you give him time to deal with your children under your care you will be able to answer this question boldly.

4.Questions that you do not have to ask

  •  About their tribe
  •  About their religion
  •  About Their Sexual orientation
  •  If they are married or have a plan to get pregnant
  •  About their Disability

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