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It's not something strange to hate your work.  But, sometimes your hate work is not caused by the work itself, but the people you work with and the whole environment.  Also, stopping work is not an opportunity that everyone has because of the high cost of life in Tanzania and the competition in the labor market.  So you can tackle the work that you don't like for a long time.  Now, if you have a boss who is bullying or your colleagues are violent, how can you cope with the difficult working conditions?

1.Keep a record of everything
If you work with a boss or a workmate, make sure that all contacts are done through text as email.  Make sure you use a clear and understandable language in all professional documents.  This will help you especially if your colleague is giving you a romantic relationship.

 2.Do not share in the trash
Do not add problem size by distributing information about your boss or another employee in the office, even if they have errors.  Because when you have started distributing information, you are becoming a part of the problem.  Also, it is not good to stimulate your colleagues to choose the sides of the service, because at the end you have to work together.

 3. Ask for advice from Human Resources Officer (HR)
If the problem has become so serious that the workplace is not a safe place then contact HR.  Don't be afraid to report even if the problem involves your boss.  It is the responsibility of HR to ensure that the workplace is a safe place for you.  Also, this is one way to keep a record of the problem for self-defense if it happens in a legal case

 4. Talk to the main character
The problem is probably the only reason for not understanding.  So it is better to try to sit down and talk to the person to talk on your side and listen to it on his side.  This does not mean to attack him and give him all the burden of the problem, as this will make him want to protect himself.  Instead, use fluent language like, “What you said, I understood this.”

 5. Focus on your goals
 Hard work can make you forget why you first accepted the job.  If you like the work you are doing but are frustrated by the people you work with, move your energy to achieve your professional goals.  Your efforts will enable you to pass all obstacles.

 6. Find something extra to do
Sometimes having something to do outside your favorite job can increase the balance between your personal life and your working life, thus enabling you to continue working.  It can also help remove your thoughts from the problems you get at work.

 7. Find someone to talk to him outside of work
It is good to talk about your problems and someone cares about you, who can give you good advice.  But, try that person to be outside your job to avoid stealing.

 8.Take your problems at work
Do not read any work emails outside of work time to reduce your thinking about your work problems.

 9. Use your time to reflect
If you experience problems often with different people at work, you need to assess yourself if you are the problem.  Look at the events that caused the conflict, and how you were involved.  If you don't see your mistakes, try to involve someone else to hear their view.

10. Make a departure strategy
If all this has failed and you do not see a way to solve your problems then it is best to plan a departure strategy.  Make time to find work and leave your job.  You can also save your earnings to help you when you leave the job before you get another.  Usually when you plan a departure strategy you will get a recovery because you know when you leave, so you know the end of your problems.

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