Top 7 Features of Good Boss

In Tanzania business, big and small, fast every day. Meanwhile, other businesses continue for years and years. Researchers have confirmed that 50% of companies fail within 5 years of starting. Also, 33% of the business lasted for 10 years or more. There are many reasons that contribute to the success or failure of the company / business. One main reason is the owner. If it is the founder, administrator or boss himself, the one who manages the company's operations and so, is viewed as a leader and staff has an important contribution: He is the main model for employees on corporate and work ethics. He empowers employees to talk about the products and services offered by the company to the customer.

These are a few reasons indicating the importance of the boss in the success of the company.

Now, the question comes: How can you become a boss / employer / good leader in your company? We hope that these seven successful bosses will help you:

1.They wake up early

In Tanzania, there is a view that the boss can enter and leave work at any time. Perhaps this is true for many companies, but, if the company is successful, and if the first one has started, the boss has to be a single printer. In general, many successful people get up early as:

It gives them time to work in the morning. In the morning it is a good time to practice. This allows you to be more powerful in your day. They can use it in the morning to do other things they like, which are out of work. Getting up early, as a leading company, requires high quality discipline.

2. They set their goals to do meaningful work rather than ‘busy

There is a difference in appearance if you have a lot of work and do meaningful work. The difference between these two is priorities.
The boss who understands the need to develop the company will do meaningful work. The miserable boss will try to make many eggs without direction.
Full-time jobs give employees a meaningful result, while you have a walk around here and there will not help you finish the important task. Successful people understand the placement of priorities and this helps them to succeed.
For example, a person with a lot of work will be allowed to work when he does not have time. But an employee who is concerned with doing a meaningful job appreciates his time. Therefore, before accepting the job he will think if he really has time to do the job.
In short, they are not afraid to say, no, I don't have time to do that ’.

3. A good group of staff they trust

They employ the best people. The boss is important, but all the workers are building the company. A study by the University of Kentucky found that employees in a special group, rather than working themselves, are able to finish the work quickly and more accurately. They are also more satisfied with the work they were given in the group.

4. They listen to their workers

Apple's founder and architect, Steve Jobs, once said that ‘Employing an intelligent person and telling him what to do is useless. We employ intelligent people to tell you what to do ” What distinguishes the boss's boss and the best boss is my best boss not only talking, he hears the comments and questions of his staff. The older employer understands that his employees' views are of great importance and listening to them puts the best place in the company of employees to express their views.
Richard branson said, ‘there is a difference between hearing someone and listening to. Listening to someone means that you are trying to understand him rather than just listening to him and afterwards. Branson goes on to say that the person who is listening is getting more creative by using his ears rather than my own!

5. They keep their bodies and minds

By planning time for exercise, you are given the opportunity to create a characteristic set and follow schedule.Also, exercises help the bosses to:
They add fun; exercising your body provides chemicals, for example (endorphins, funers). off the office.

6. Have good friends

Friends of the bosses succeeded as well. Together, they are discussing business and their industry. Your nearest people with their goals to succeed will make you work more so that all will succeed. If you see the success of your colleagues you should feel that, ‘and I can’.

7. Don't stop learning

Since you are a boss doesn't mean you know everything. All the most intelligent people continue to learn. The best boss learns from oyjers. The most experienced people of their staff. They know what you cannot have. They read books about their sectors as well as books about livelihoods, live books and books. There are so many free resources like Coursera, Open University and Udemy. They learn to fail as well as succeed.

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