Monday, April 29, 2019

Understanding and Using Xref in Autocad |

So files that have been created as external references to other files in one folder or another folder.  Xref is generally used on larger projects.  Using Xref in a relatively larger project will speed up the work and of course minimize the size of the file itself.  So, using Xref can save time on completing our projects along with maintaining the accuracy of the project.

 The reason why using xref on large projects

 1. Xref can reduce file size

 2. One can work on individual components or separate from the project can use xref

 3. Xref can be easily loaded, disassembled, installed or even detached from the main image of the project file at any time during the project cycle.

 4. Working with Xref is the most efficient and smart way to work in Autocad

 Following are the steps to use the Xref command on Autocad

 1. Save As new worksheet in 1 folder with the file to be taken [CTRL + S]

 2. Type XR in the command line

 3. Select Attach DWG

 4. Select what will be in Xref

 5. Select Relative Path

 6. Specify the image placement coordinates.

 That's all, hopefully useful



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