Monday, April 22, 2019

What should you do when you want to start a business?

On this page you will see links that will guide you on the basic things you need to do when you start a business as an individual, joint venture, deposit or company with an unlimited liability.  You will also see links to more support and services provided by TRA for new business organizations.

What should you do when you want to start a business?

Individual resident or non-resident should visit the TRA's regional or district office and fill out the Coder ID number application form (TIN).  Applications can also be made through the interğnet, however the applicant must reach TRA offices for taking fingerprints as well as photography and signing.

Upon receipt of the identity certificate of the applicant the applicant will be required to apply for a business license from the business offices in the District, Municipalities, the City and the Ministry of Trade and Industry depending on the type of business he wishes to establish.

Who is the resident?

A person should be a resident in the United Republic of Tanzania if: -
  • She or He will have permanent residence in the United Republic and will be present at any time during the year of income. abroad in the income year.
  • She or He is in the United Republic of the Year of Revenue for a period of time or periods that total a total of 183 days or more.
  • She or He is in the United Republic of the Year of Revenue and each of the previous two years of income for periods of up to 122 days in each of the year of income.
  • It is an employee or officer of the Government of the United Republic who is assigned to work abroad in the year of income.

Registration Certificate:

Individuals may decide to register the business name for the agency that has been assigned to it by the Ministry of Trade and Industry known as Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRELA).  The registered name can be found before or after TIN requests.  The registered business name will be displayed on the TIN document as well as the name of the person showing the name of the business owner as (T / A).

Organization (company with limited liability)

Establishment of an organization requires a person to ask for an order from the Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRELA).  Company operators are required to prepare and submit documents with the contract and company rules.

 The registration certificate of the organization must be attached to the TIN application with the Contract and Company Code when the person submits a TRA application.

A liability company will ask for a TIN certificate by completing the application forms as follows:
  •  Applications for the company. 
  • Request for shareholders / directors, if any of their directors has been issued a TIN certificate for other purposes may provide other applications.  The same number of TIN will be used.
  • For directors who are not civilians should comply with all immigration requirements and obtain a trade permit from the Department of Immigration under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Sponsorship is a program where sponsors own property but does not involve partnership with the company.

Deposit should be registered as a company in BRELA offices and obtain a registration certificate which shows the names and addresses of sponsors.  Every sponsor should apply for a TIN certificate, if any of them have been issued with a TIN certificate for other purposes and cannot send other applications.  The number TIN has it will be used.

Help organization

 This agency will be recognized as a support organization for tax purposes after receiving approval by the Commissioner General.  Applicant should obtain all necessary documents from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Declaration of Income Estimates

You will be required to provide a declaration of revenue estimates for the initial estimates of tax for the year.  A tax officer may interview you and record your business information and your personal information at the TRA office.



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